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    Report: 100th anniversary of first gas station in US gives RFA a chance to tout ethanol

    December 1st marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first gas station in the US. It's an interesting anniversary, and ethanol advocates are using the occasion to tout the advantages of corn-based fuel, Domestic Fuel reports. The Renewable Fuels Association says Americans can save as ...

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    Video: Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

    Each time is like the first time. That's the challenge – read: opportunity – that Nissan has whenever it brings the all-electric Leaf to a new market. For the EV's South African debut, the local Nissan arm decided that humor would be the best way to teach people about the new car with ...

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    Report: Ohio gas station accidentally sells pure ethanol as gasoline

    The US Department of Energy lists 91 stations in the state of Ohio that dispense an 85-percent ethanol blend (aka E85). Unfortunately, one unlisted station in the Buckeye State took the biofuel a step further earlier this week. The GetGo station in Brunswick, about 25 miles southwest of ...

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    Opinion: Does Zipcar's "Gas Is On Us" encourage waste?

    When you watch the Zipcar video "How to Zip: Fill 'er Up" (embedded below) you'll see a Zipcar customer finding out he needs to stop at a gas station. There's a Zipcar co-pilot in the backseat who gives him friendly, detailed instructions on how to get reimbursed for filling up the gas ...

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    Report: Running out of gas, stations in CA now inching toward $5/gallon prices

    The basics of supply and demand, even in a market as curated as global petroleum is, are fairly easy to understand. Today's example: southern California, where some stations are beginning to run out of gas due to "refinery supply problems" at both Chevron and Mobil, reports USA Today. The result? ...

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    Official: Coda gets wrapped up in art, turns gas station into grass station [w/video]

    The first LA Mobile Arts Festival is in full swing and it seems the event has motivated Coda Automotive to get in touch with the right side of its brain. Following in the long tradition of artistically-altered automobiles, the California-based company has taken a layer of wraps off of the ...

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    Report: E15 now available, at one lone gas station in Kansas

    A Phillips 66 gas-station in Kansas is the first in the U.S. to offer gas with a 15 percent blend of ethanol – aka E15 – to non-flex fuel vehicles, the New York Times reports. The station will have a formal opening next week. The Phillips 66 is located in Lawrence, KS, about 15 miles ...

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    Report: EPA waives gas pump vapor recovery rules

    In a move sure to please urban-area gas station owners, the EPA has issued a waiver to its 1994 rule requiring gas pump vapor recovery systems. The devices were required in mostly urban areas to reduce smog-causing vapors from being released into the air during the refueling of vehicles. With ...

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    Report: In Denmark, some gas stations transform into bicycle repair shops

    With potholes, overly aggressive drivers and the constant threat of a flat, bicyclists kind of have it tough. But over in Copenhagen, already one of the world's most pedal power-friendly cities, an oil company by the name of Statoil ASA is making it just a bit easier to commute on two ...

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    Report: Murphy Express in Tennessee becomes first gas station to install Level 3 quick-charger

    Stemming from an agreement signed back in September of 2010, Eaton Corporation and Murphy Oil USA have revealed what's believed to be the nation's first Level 3 quick-charge unit installed at, wait for it, a gas station. The Eaton DC Quick Charger, installed at Murphy Express Gas on Lee Highway in ...

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    Nissan says government should put up charging stations if it's serious about EVs

    Nissan is asking the U.S. government to put some money where its mouth is and start building out plug-in vehicle infrastructure. Remember that in January's State of the Union address, President Obama reiterated his goal of 1 million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on the road by 2015. At a New ...

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    Number of operational gas stations in UK plummets to all-time low

    Back in 1967, the number of gas stations in the UK hit a record high at 39,958. Flash forward to 2008 and the total had dwindled down to just 9,263. By 2009, despite the fact that the number of registered vehicles had soared past 34 million, total operational gas stations plummeted to a record ...

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    CA gas stations could get reprieve in vapor-free new nozzle fight

    April 1st was the deadline for California gas stations to install new and cleaner pump nozzles or potentially close up shop because they were not in compliance with a 2000 rule from the California Air Resources Board. The problem for CARB was the gas vapors that escaped into the air, equivalent to ...

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    800th CNG fueling station opens in Germany

    A new station offering CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has opened along the A2 Autobahn in Germany. Normally, this isn't huge news, but this particular station is the 800th CNG fueling spot in the country, compared to more than 15,000 gas stations. More figures about CNG stations in Germany: 350 of ...

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    Finding a simple gas station in Bali

    With gas prices as they are, getting a fill-up can feel a little bit like an adventure -- as in 'just where am I going to locate the money to fill up my Suburban this week?' I don't personally remember it, but I've heard about the long lines that existed in the 1970s, when getting gas seemed nigh ...

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    Friday Humor: Could this turn out to be the most expensive tank of gas ever?

    Some free advice for any would-be thieves out there: if you steal a car and then return it, don't leave a trail of receipts behind. Considering that most every gas station has security cameras these days, it probably was not that hard to locate the perp who stole the truck in question, which he ...

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    Newest marketing ploy: selling to someone while they're buying gas

    One thing that I just can't imagine wanting to do while I'm filling my tank with gas (which takes an ever increasing amount of money) would be to watch advertisements on more stuff to spend my money on. But, what do I know? I haven't spent hours and hours of time taking marketing classes or ...

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    Pump prices down, but so is consumer confidence

    An article in from Automotive News tells us... what we already know. Even though gas prices have declined since their almost record-breaking highs on Memorial Day, consumer confidence is at a low. What is interesting about the article is that it points out that not only is our confidence in oil ...

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    New U.S. alternative fuel directory to feature over 2,200 refuelling locations

    A directory featuring E85 Ethanol Fuel and Biodiesel Fuel retail stations across the U.S. has been published for the first time by USA Energy Independence Publications. The guide is designed to help flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) and diesel vehicle owners find retail outlets offering renewable fuels in ...


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