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gas tank

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    Read This: Why the BMW i3 has such a tiny gas tank

    To give you a better idea of how small the gas tank on the BMW i3's range-extender will be, it's about equal to a quartet of those two-liter plastic Coke bottles you'll get at the supermarket for your next football bash. That's it. The German automaker is limiting the size of its ...

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    Chevy Volt will move without gas in the tank

    Chevy Volt- Click above for high-res image gallery
    With the big Chevy Volt = 230 mpg push by General Motors, there's understandably going to be a lot of interest in just what that numbers means and people trying to understand how the car actually works. Here's the reality: you can't put a ...

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    5 SUVs that get less than 16 MPG, cost more than $100 to fill up

    There is just something about spending $100 versus spending one penny less that makes you think twice. I might not feel so bad about owning a low mileage SUV if a single fill up did not cost too much even if I had to fill up a lot more often. Psychologically, the worst SUV may not be the SUV with ...

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    Friday Humor: Giving your gas tank "the finger" OR "Pain at the Pump" defined

    Normally, we don't find pain to be humorous, but this one just needs to be posted since we are a site that focuses on easing the pain at the pump that we are all feeling when it comes to filling our tanks with gas. Dwight Clark from Huntsville Alabama felt a different type of pain when he was ...


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