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    U.S. gasoline demand hits 10-year August low

    U.S. gasoline demand fell by 1.3 percent to a ten-year low for the month of August, thanks to consumer sentiment that is still stalled even as industry demand for diesel fuel shot up by 10.8 percent, according to the American Petroleum Institute (API). On a year-to-date basis, demand for gas was ...

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    Report: Gasoline vehicles soon to be overtaken by CNG, diesel in India

    At a time when gasoline prices frequently fluctuate, cheap compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel have started to climb the fuel-of-choice charts over in India. According to The Times of India, CNG is so hot that it will soon overtake gasoline as the fuel that powers the majority of vehicles in ...

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    Report: Toyota looking for gasoline-beating 'Sakichi' battery

    Back in 1925, long before the X-Prize foundation even existed, an inventor by the name of Sakichi Toyoda reportedly offered a prize of 1 million yen for the invention of a battery that would produce more energy than gasoline. As you can probably guess, no one has claimed that prize yet. However, ...

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    Infographic: Which U.S. cities spend the most on gas?

    It almost seems that with each passing day, commuters across the nation are increasingly pinched as the average cost of gas inches up. However, since driving habits and pump prices vary considerably from state to state and even from city to city, the truth is the problem afflicts some commuters ...

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    Report: Former NFL running back Reno Mahe allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth gas

    Former Philadelphia Eagles running back Reno Mahe is facing felony charges for stealing gasoline from A-Core Concrete Cutting in Utah. Mahe and four others are charged with theft of more than $15,000 worth of gas in 2010, according to court documents. Along with Mahe, former BYU football player ...

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    Universal Lubricant's recycled Eco Ultra motor oil hits

    Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is now available to the general public through Made in the U.S. at the company's "re-refinery," Eco Ultra is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified synthetic blend of engine oil that meets or exceeds the Society of ...

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    Plug In America talks electric vehicles with the Air Force

    Plug In America's Kate Baker interviewed Lt. Col. Brian Rusler and veteran Tim Goodrich of the United States Air Force regarding the military branch's green energy plans. The Air Force has been employing electric vehicles as early as 1997 with the use of electric golf carts for personnel transport ...

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    Barron's says oil likely to hit $150 a barrel next spring, gas $4.50 a gallon

    In early May of 2011, the national average price of gasoline in the United States hit exactly $4 a gallon before falling to the current level of $3.56. However, if predictions from Barron's hold true, then prices will shoot back up in early 2012, hitting $4.50 by next spring. Barron's, America's ...

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    Gas prices not scaring car buyers as much this time around

    With gasoline prices soaring this year, one might assume, justifiably, that hybrid and fuel-efficient small vehicle demand must also be on the rise, mimicking the market situation in 2008. However, history may not be repeating itself this time around. AutoPacific President George Peterson says, ...

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    Chrysler working on engine that can simultaneously burn gas and diesel

    Multi-fuel capable cars have been around for quite some time. Case in point, five years ago we reported on a Volvo prototype that could burn five different types of fuel. But a new project from Chrysler is aiming to do something that none of these existing flex-fuel vehicles can pull off: an ...

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    Ups and downs of unpredictable gas prices defy logic

    Surprisingly, gas prices dropped prior to Memorial Day weekend and have seemed to defy logic throughout much of the first half of 2011. Luckily, pump prices have dipped below their 2011 peak of $4, down to a nationwide average of approximately $3.80. However, analysts warn that we're not out of ...

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    Universal Lubricants signs recycled oil deal with Enterprise

    Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is catching on slowly, but surely. Earlier this month, UL announced that some of Enterprise's rental vehicle fleet will soon reuse its own spent motor oil. Worried? Don't be. Here's how it'll work: beginning at Enterprise's airport service ...

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    Computer glitch causes gas station to sell 8,000 gallons at $1.10 each

    When residents of Wilmington – a neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA – got word that a local Valero fueling station was selling gas for the bargain price of $1.10 a gallon, almost immediately, vehicles lined up 'round the corner. This wasn't one of those promo deals on fuel though. It was ...

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    D'oh! How the government's flex-fuel fleet leads to increased gasoline use

    We've talked before about President Obama's plan to greenify the federal fleet, generally thought of as a good thing. In leading by example, Obama hopes to show the American public that flex-fuel vehicles – and other gas-misers like hybrids and plug-ins – can substantially reduce our ...

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    22% of Americans "extremely confident" gas will soon be too expensive to drive normally

    With the price of a gallon of gasoline steadily rising, many U.S. motorists now say that steep payouts at the pump will soon limit their ability to drive as they please. According to a survey conducted by HNTB Corporation, 63 percent of U.S. motorists believe that gas will be so costly that ...

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    3 Colorado companies fined $2.5 million for distribution of illegal gas

    Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Justice Department announced a settlement to resolve claims that Rocky Mountain Pipeline System, LLC, Western Convenience Stores, Inc. and Offen Petroleum, Inc. illegally mixed and distributed more than one million gallons of ...

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    Chevy Volt owners average 1,000 miles between fill-ups in March

    Most 2011 Chevrolet Volt owners only had to make one trip to gas stations in March, according to General Motors. In fact, GM says that the average Volt went 30 days and 1,000 miles between fill-ups. Cristi Landy, Volt marketing director, states that:

    Volt owners drove an average of 800 miles ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: Wanna save gas? Here's how!

    Everybody wants to save gas, right? Well, if you're one of the countless drivers looking to slash your fuel consumption, then you've come to the right place 'cause we've got some tips that should boost your vehicles miles per gallon. Avoid aggressive driving (i.e.speeding, rapid acceleration and ...

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    Countdown to Earth Day: What's up with this ethanol in gasoline?

    When gassing up your vehicle, you've likely noticed a sticker on the pump that reads "this fuel may contain up to ten percent ethanol" or something similar. Have you ever asked yourself, "what's up with this ethanol in gasoline?" Well, get ready 'cause we've dug up an answer. Way back in 1992, ...

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    Government to offer gas stations incentives for installing E85 pumps

    Last Friday, the Obama administration announced that it will offer incentives to gasoline stations that install E85 (a fuel consisting of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) pumps as part of the government's effort to boost the use of biofuels. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that ...


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