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    Read This: Will we see more multi-speed gearboxes in next-gen EVs?

    When it comes to gearboxes in battery-electric vehicles, the more may be the merrier. That's one theory, and Plug In Cars says that the standard, single-gear EV configuration may eventually go by the wayside as engineers figure out how to better use multi-gear configurations to improve ...

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    Report: ZF boss says transmission gear count one-upsmanship nearing end

    Remember the Powerglide? An automatic with two forward speeds, it's almost inconceivable today that such a transmission was ever state of the art. Why, we've heard plenty of grumbling from the peanut gallery about Honda and its continued widespread use of a five-speed automatic when most of the ...

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    Report: Multi-speed gearbox could boost Fisker Karma performance to "Veyron levels"

    Fisker Automotive says that it's developing a multi-speed gearbox that, according to Henrik Fisker, the man behind the Karma plug-in, could boost performance of extended-range electric vehicles to "Veyron levels." Um, yeah, and hell hath frozen over too. Fisker reportedly told Autocar all ...

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    Peugeot releases new transmissions for the 308 which increase efficiency

    The 308, one of the toughest competitors in the European compact hatchback market, is getting some improvements that increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.First of all, the Peugeot 308 will be fitted to a new 6-speed manual transmission which allows lower rpm at cruising speed and ...


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