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    Geely shows Emgrand Cross PHEV concept with 31-mile range

    Still officially a concept, Geely showed off the Emgrand Cross Concept PHEV (plug-in hybrid) at the Beijing Auto Show recently. Those in the know say that the car looks production-ready, but Geely isn't talking about this show car's future. So, it's no surprise that official details for the ...

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    Report: Kandi EV vending machine is carsharing for $3.25 an hour in China

    China's cities are blanketed by toxic haze with air pollution that can shut down places like Beijing. Of course, there are many citizens who want to move from a scooter to a car, but that could create more pollution. In steps carsharing, and an idea from Kandi Technologies Group that its small ...

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    Video: Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz asks investors for patience, says new tech can take time

    Tony Posawatz, president and CEO of Fisker Automotive, recently made the case for how Fisker and other cleantech companies can find the right investors. Speaking at a conference in Santa Barbara, CA, Posawatz said new clean technologies take years to be adopted and investors should be ...

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    Report: Geely, Kandi form partnership focused on electric vehicles

    Geely and Kandi Technology have plugged themselves together to research, develop, produce and market EVs together. The initial investment is a billion yuan ($160 million US) to fund the partnership, and each partner retains a 50-50 share. It looks like a match made in green heaven, with both ...

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    Report: As Fisker leaves his company, he buys brand-new Karma plug-in hybrid

    Well at least Henrik Fisker is putting his money where his mouth is. Or was. The co-founder of his eponymous California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker, who resigned as executive chairman and left the company last week, did his former company a solid and bought a Fisker Karma from a ...

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    Report: Fisker fails to draw Geely bid after all [UPDATE]

    Last week, Fisker Automotive lost its namesake and co-founder Henrik Fisker because of "several major disagreements" between the designer-turned-automaker and other executives. After that blow, could there be any more bad news out there? Maybe, if you consider the mooted takeover of the ...

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    Report: Word of China's Geely leading bids for Fisker draws criticism from senator

    Money isn't the only problem Fisker Automotive has with making more Karma plug-in hybrids (see: battery supply), but the California startup may soon have the cash to help resume production of its $100,000 plug-in luxury sedan. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has the edge in taking a majority stake ...

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    Official: Volvo parent Geely will work with Kandi on low-speed electric vehicles

    China's Geely Automobile Holdings, which bought Volvo three years ago, is still making news. This time, the vehicles in question are just a bit smaller. Geely and Kandi Technologies have announced that they will work together to further develop EV technology and increase sales. For those with a ...

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    Geely McCar hides electric trike inside its hybrid or EV body [w/video]

    At the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show, Chinese automaker Geely displayed a concept vehicle called McCar. Apparently, McCar stands for "magic car" – or something like that. The subcompact vehicle can accommodate four people and – are you ready for this? – one three-wheeled, foldable ...

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    Beijing 2010: Geely Emgrand GE plug-in hybrid limo

    Geely Emgrand GE – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One of the entries that Geely is planning for its new Emgrand premium sub-brand is the GE limousine. Like many of Geely's other new models, the GE has a very prominent grille but otherwise the rest of the design looks well ...

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    Beijing 2010: Geely Emgrand GT, plug-in hybrid coupe

    Geely Emgrand GT – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Geely Emgrand GT is another example of the automaker's apparent seriousness about being considered a top-flight player in the industry. This coupe features classic sports car proportions and, aside from the over-done grille, ...

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    Beijing 2010: Geely shows off fleet of alternative power insects vehicles

    Geely IG – Click above for high-res image
    It's not often that we need to look up the definition of a word in a press release – isn't the whole idea to make information easy to understand? – but we admit to not knowing what "eclosion" meant. Turns out, it's "The emergence of an ...

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    Mainland Chinese automakers look to Taiwan for EV expertise

    More electric car news from Taiwan. Two Chinese automakers are ready to develop and sell electric cars there. Chery, for instance, has announced the creation of an R&D center in the upcoming "Green Energy Intelligent Vehicle Innovation Park (EV Park)" in central Taiwan. This would give Chery ...

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    Shanghai 2009: Geely IG concept would make a great EV

    Geely IG Fantastic Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    One of the most interesting concepts at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show is the Geely IG Fantastic. We're happy to report that the car's styling is unique and doesn't appear derivative of any other designs. The seating position is ...

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    The ten cheapest cars in the world - #5 - Geely HQ SRV

    Geely HQ SRV: 5-door "tall" estate. China $5,780Like the MR, the Geely HQ SRC is based on the mid-'80s Daihatsu Charade. If you don't remember that particular vehicle, rest assured it was a quite competent subcompact at the time. You can order today's Geely version with two 3-cylinder engines good ...

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    The ten cheapest cars in the world - #4 - Geely MR

    Geely MR: 5-door. China. $5,500Very similar to the HQ (coming next at position #5), the Geely MR has its roots in the Daihatsu Charade from the mid-'80s. The difference is that this car can be fitted with more "sporty" powertrains. Besides the standard 1.3-liter, 4-cyl, 86 HP, there's an optional ...

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    Diesel manufacturer China Yuchai creates joint venture with Geely and Yinlun

    If you thought that only Europeans were interested in diesel engines for cars, think again. China Yuchai, China's largest diesel engine manufacturer, automaker Geely and and auto parts manufacturer Yinlun have announced a joint venture to manufacture and distribute a 2.0 liter diesel engine to use ...


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