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    GE's electric vehicle order to trigger fleet purchasing trend

    Last week, General Electric announced that it will soon order 15,000 electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids for itself and partner with its fleet customers to put an additional 10,000 on the road by 2015. This buying binge represents the largest commitment by a single company to date. Though ...

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    Officially Official: General Electric ordering 25,000 electric vehicles, starting with the Volt [w/video]

    2011 Chevy Volt – Click above to watch video after the jump
    We recently mentioned that General Electric was about to order thousands of electric vehicles for its corporate fleet and now, it seems, the buying binge has begun. The company announced today it will be ordering 15,000 electric ...

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    Report: GE to order "tens of thousands" of electric vehicles in about a week

    GE WattStation – Click above for high-res image gallery
    After unveiling its Wattstation commercial residential charger, followed by a wall-mounted residential version, General Electric has reportedly decided that there's no time like the present to place an order for "tens of thousands" of ...

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    GE unveils wall-mounted WattStation home charging system

    GE's wall-mounted WattStation residential EV charger
    When General Electric unveiled its hip, Yves Behar-designed commercial WattStation charger back in July, we learned that producing a residential version was also part of the company's plans. Now that GE has taken the wraps off of the ...

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    GE, Better Place team up to accelerate global EV infrastructure

    General Electric, which recently unveiled its electric vehicle (EV) charger called the WattStation, has teamed up with battery swap specialist Better Place to accelerate the adoption of a global EV infrastructure. The duo will attack the industry on all fronts. Under the partnership, GE and ...

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    GE unveils new electric car charger, the WattStation [w/video]

    GE WattStation – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Out in San Francisco today, GE is unveiling a new smart-grid-connected electric car charger called the WattStation. Designed in part by renowned industrial designer Yves Behar, the WattStation is intended to become a new icon for ...

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    Nissan signs MOU with GE for expanded smart charging infrastructure

    With the launch of the Nissan Leaf closing in fast and the supporting infrastructure still a bit lacking, it really comes as no surprise that the company continues to seek more Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). The latest MOU, a three-year deal signed with General Electric, will focus solely on ...

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    French president Sarkozy signs letter of intent for electric vehicle test using renewable energy

    Renault Fluence ZE Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault and five other corporate partners, along with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, signed a letter of intent today for a new electric vehicle test in France. The main intent of the 50-vehicle test will be to ...

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    It's Friday: GE's experimental sleigh seeks to make reindeer obsolete

    Might Santa's traditional Rudolf the Reindeer-led sleigh be sent off into the oblivion of obsolescence? Could be, if General Electric has anything to say about it. The huge corporation has designed a new conveyance for the red-cloaked and bearded gift giver, and it's green. Well, it's red, ...

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    Chrysler working with General Electric on hybrid and battery technology

    General Electric has been building hybrids for many years. Its Evolution Series of locomotives are some of the most efficient currently on the market, and the giant company has plans for a replacement model using its own batteries soon. Also planned by GE is a move into the large truck market, ...

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    GE and BP team up to create hydrogen fueled power plants

    General Electric and British petroleum are teaming up to build new hydrogen-fueled power generating plants. The plan is to use a gasification technology developed by GE to produce a hydrogen rich syngas from fossil fuel feedstocks. The separation process would also produce carbon dioxide which ...

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    Use your Ecomagination to ask GE an ecoquestion

    With all of our eco-conscious viewers who are concerned with the environment, I am sure that a few of you have some questions regarding GE's green technologies. Consider that GE makes jet engines and locomotives, along with a huge number of other products which cover the gamut of most everything ...

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    MIT claims ecomagination Challenge grant

    The team from MIT has won the ecomagination Challenge with a solar-powered refueling station and biodiesel processor. We told you about the Ecomagination Challenge in January. It's a competition between college teams sponsored by mtvU and General Electric. Students were challenged to propose ...

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    College students develop biodiesel programs as part of Ecomagination Challenge

    Here's a great idea: ask college students to develop new and creative ways to green their campus. General Electric and mtvU have combined to sponsor this unique competition. Of the 10 finalists, two schools are taking on biodiesel projects. MIT is looking at a solar-powered biodiesel processing and ...

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    Wired NextFest Report: Wrap-up and more advanced vehicles

    (Editor's note: to read the rest of Derrick's NextFest coverage, click here)Overall, Wired's NextFest certainly wasn't the Paris Motor Show, nor was it meant to be. Instead, it was a gathering of new technologies in many different fields. On the positive side, I'd say that if there was any ...

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    GE works on cheaper hydrogen electrolysis

    Ask any pragmatic member of the automotive community when we might see a hydrogen-powered vehicles (fuel cell or internal-combustion engine), and the answer will probably range from "several years" to "several decades". General Electric looks to be trying to push that towards the lower end of the ...


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