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    Video: How to charge up your BMW i3 with a Honda

    Behold a cheaper version of BMW's range extender for its i3 plug-in. And it's brought to you by ... Honda? Sort of, if you take the approach that Gadget Review took when it looked for an alternative to ponying up the $4,000 or so for the gas-powered i3 range extender that comes from the ...

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    Toyota R&D shows off free piston engine linear generator for future EVs

    We often hear how an electric vehicle powertrain architecture allows vehicle designers much more freedom than a traditional ICE powertrain does. With differently shaped battery modules and small electric motors, there are lots of way to put the pieces together. With today's plug-in hybrid ...

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    Official: Toyota installs generators to cut power-usage at Japan plants

    Toyota is looking to cool its energy usage during the heat of summer. The company's installing eight new gas-powered generators to help reduce demand from the energy grid in and around Toyota City by five percent, as the Japanese automaker looks to comply with the Japanese government's ...

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    Angel Labs commercializes "Massive Yet Tiny" engine

    Angel Labs announced that it has inked a three-way deal to commercialize its six-inch "Massive Yet Tiny" (MYT-6) engine. The MYT runs on pure Titan biodiesel and powers an attached 40-kW genset distributed by Industrial Green Power (IGP). The agreement is a multi-year, multi-million dollar ...

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    Volts should come with generators?

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt
    While perusing the interwebs for interesting stories, we stumbled upon a letter to the editors at Automotive News that suggests the Chevy Volt should come with a generator. We're pretty sure that they are not talking about the built-in ...

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    A kinetic energy generator ... what uses can you come up with?

    The idea of capturing the energy of vibrations and storing it is not new, but here is another attempt at the idea, courtesy of Gizmag. Dr Steve Beeby and his team at the University of Southampton have created this version of the kinetic energy generator. The last time we discussed this idea, it was ...

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    Sometimes good ideas just deserve to get coverage...

    I am not going to write too much about this invention, because any reasons that I could come up with for it having to do with automobiles are pretty weak. But, we do often mention solar power and wind power when we are writing our posts, and I just thought that this idea is too good to pass up ...

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    Download the new version to upgrade your vehicle's fuel efficiency

    In terms of efficiency, cars driven by humans are fickle. There's only ever one optimal accelerator position for the best fuel efficiency, no matter what gear you're in. This leads to the situation where the imprecise driving of humans is responsible for lowered fuel efficiency and performance. But ...


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