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    DIY ecomod turns Geo Metro into 214 mpge Dolphin

    Dave Cloud's 1997 Geo Metro started life as a run-of-the-mill gas-sipping subcompact. Following a year-long electric transformation, Cloud's Metro now has virtually no resemblance of its former self. To convert the vehicle over to electric drive, Cloud fitted the Metro with used batteries, ...

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    Four cylinders are for chumps - 100 miles-per-gallon in a Geo Metro

    Okay, we admit it, we're as smitten by emerging and flashy technology as much as the next green geeks. But sometimes we get so caught up in the vehicles of tomorrow that we forget to look back at the incredibly green vehicles that have come before. One of the best – and most lampooned ...

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    Enterprising DIYer adds boat tail to Pontiac Firefly to boost mileage

    The Aerocivic apparently has a distant relative from Canada. Darin Cosgrove, founder of, has added a boat tail to the back of his 1998 Pontiac Firefly (which is what the Geo Metro was called up north). According to Wired, the modified bodywork was constructed from cardboard, ...

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    Global Green Cars showcasing electric car, giving test drives

    If you happen to be hanging out near Corbin, Kentucky tomorrow, you might consider making the trip to the Corbin Motor Speedway to check out the "high performance production electric car" being showcased tomorrow by Global Green Cars, the venture of Green Star Products Inc (GSPI) we told you about ...

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    Geo Metro hybrid? It's already on the road [VIDEO]

    Our friend Ben over at EcoModder told us recently about an unusual conversion that was being discussed on the forums there: converting an old Geo Metro to hybrid drive. Yes, you read that right. What was originally an efficient little people mover (and, last year, a much-lusted-after ride) is ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Day: 1992 Geo Metro convertible

    We've seen the values for older Geo Metro's skyrocket when fuel costs wer, um, skyrocketing. We've also wondered out loud if the perceived value is an accurate representation of what the cars should really sell for. Sure, getting 50 or more miles to the gallon is awesome, but the lack of modern ...

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    Car and Driver: Hold off on that used Geo Metro purchase

    The used car market is responding very favorably to vehicles of ages past that have been able to eke the most miles from a single gallon of gas. The poster-child for the movement seems to be the oft-maligned Geo Metro, which is sometimes changing hands today for a similar dollar amount as it sold ...

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    Nerd Alert! Geo Metro: the new "it" car?

    It's not uncommon for owners of the late, lamented Geo Metro XFI, which USA Today refers to as "nerdy," to report fuel mileage rivaling and sometimes beating hybrids such as the Toyota Prius. The lightweight structure and very small engines - just three-cylinders and 49 horsepower for the Metro - ...

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    Detroit News: Like the Chevy Beat? Consider a used Geo Metro first

    Last year, General Motors trotted out a few new microcar concepts, and the Chevy Beat appears to be the winning design in many peoples eyes. We'd love to see the car make it into production ourselves, considering that there is a distinct lack of mini-mobiles currently fighting for your hard-earned ...


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