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george blankenship

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    Report: Tesla sales boss Blankenship leaves to deliver more smiles

    When former Apple and Gap executive George Blankenship joined Tesla back in 2010, he said he was excited to be "changing the world for the better" with "some of the boldest and brightest people on the planet." Perhaps the world has been changed enough, since Blankenship left the company a few ...

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    Tesla VP: "I want people to want the car, I don't want to sell them the car"

    Tesla Motors has taken on the huge challenge of reinventing the car shopping experience – while at the same time delivering what consumers are used to getting when they buy electronic products such as an iPhone. Since 2008, Tesla has opened about 25 retail stores and galleries in North ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S requires $600 annual service plan to keep warranty active

    It appears that Tesla's new $600-per-year service program for its Model S is not going over well with some of the owners and wait-listers. David Noland, a Model S reservation holder and freelance writer, has dug into it the details and clarified the one he's finding most annoying. And as it turns ...

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    Report: Thus far, Tesla has built 50 Model S units, 29 for deliveries

    Sure, the long-term numbers are bigger – 5,000 produced by the end of the year, 20,000 (or maybe even 30,000) in 2013 – but the immediate digits that define the Tesla Model S are quite manageable. Specifically, as of Friday, Tesla has built 50 of the luxury electric vehicles, 29 for ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S deliveries will start June 22; crash testing returns five stars *UPDATE

    The early delivery hints were spot on. Tesla's vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience, George Blankenship, has declared June 22 – just one month away – as the day when the first Model S will be delivered. He wrote on the official Tesla blog today that, "We are ...

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    Report: Tesla will start repaying loans by end of this year

    A week after Tesla Motors announced it would be able to deliver the first Model S in June, a month ahead of the original July release date, the startup automaker continued the good news by announcing it will start repaying the Energy Department loans it got in 2009. The $465 million loan was ...

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    Video: Tesla shows off Model S in new promo video

    Never a company to hesitate when it comes to self-promotion, Tesla Motors has released a new video touting the upcoming Model S. Just a few minutes long, the video features Tesla's chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, and George Blankenship, Tesla's VP of sales and ownership experience (and ...

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    Tesla hires former Apple retail strategist to revolutionize buying experience

    Tesla has, if nothing else, crafted a unique automobile in the Roadster. It's electric, very attractive and highly desirable. Up next, assuming all goes according to plan (a rather big assumption, granted), the Model S sedan will be equally special in the global automotive marketplace. Such ...


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