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    Report: Tesla wants court to dismiss Georgia dealer lawsuit

    Like the fire that forced Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara to flee Atlanta in Gone With the Wind, the battle between Tesla Motors and Georgia's auto dealers is heating up. In late August, the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association (GADA), which represents about 500 dealerships, filed a petition ...

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    Report: Georgia EV advocates ready to stand up for tax incentives

    Like the University of Georgia and its punchy Bulldog mascot, Georgia's electric-vehicle advocates are about to get a little more pugilistic, says the Atlanta Business Chronicle. That's because, for the second straight year, some state politicos may look to end Georgia's electric-vehicle subsidy. ...

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    Recharge Wrap-Up: Georgia lawyers love the Nissan Leaf, 2B vehicles by 2035
    The Hybrid Shop Certified Female Friendly; Interpreting Tesla's Battery Codes 1406739420

    Loads of lawyers at a firm in Georgia are taking advantage of the state's EV tax credit. Georgia offers a tax credit on leases and purchases of electric vehicles for 20 percent of the car's value, up to $5,000. This has created a trend among lawyers at Arnall Golden Gregory, who one after another ...

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    Official: Georgia proposal to scale back EV credits falls short [CORRECTION]

    Last year, about one percent of Georgia's new vehicles were battery-electric, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported last month and Atlanta was a Nissan Leaf hotspot for many months. Sales were likely helped by the fact that neighboring states like South Carolina and Tennessee had lower EV ...

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    Report: Georgia could end $5,000 EV subsidy by April 1

    Electric-vehicle advocates may really start believing the old Charlie Daniels song The Devil Went Down to Georgia after reading that one of that state's former politicians wants to abolish the local EV tax incentive. Former Alpharetta Mayor Chuck Martin says the state should cut its $5,000 perk ...

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    Report: Ohio senator with deep dealer ties proposes anti-Tesla bill

    The fight against customer-direct car sales by Tesla Motors continues around the US, and the California-based company can now count dealership groups in Georgia and Ohio among its adversaries. In Ohio, Tesla has opened company-owned stores in Cincinnati and Columbus and is now fighting a state ...

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    Read This: Why some people still buy Fisker Karmas

    Some people get socks, ties or cakes for their birthdays. Others get Fisker Karmas. They're a little different from the rest of us. Green Car Reports managed to track down two Georgia residents who recently threw a bit of caution to the wind and bought two new Fiskers despite the fact that the ...

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    Official: With 38.2 cents per gallon, California is tops for state gas taxes

    This might come as puzzling news for any Angeleno or San Franciscan whose head is ringing from the most recent batch of potholes: California has the highest state gas taxes in the country, charging almost five times as much per gallon as low-tax states such as Alaska and Georgia, the US Energy ...

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    Video: Georgian president drives Nissan Leaf to prove he's not extravagant

    If you're worried that the Nissan Leaf is a bit pricey (even with incentives), keep in mind that it all depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you're the president of Georgia and you're used to being whisked around in an armored limousine, driving your Leaf to the airport might make you look ...

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    Report: Five states ask feds for help with high corn prices, say livestock more imporant than ethanol

    The food vs. fuel debate over ethanol continues, this time through the actions of a handful of U.S. states that are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lift – temporarily, at least – the rules that require a "large share" (to use Reuters' words) of the corn crop in ...

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    What if everyone in your town drove a golf cart? In Peachtree City, GA, they do!

    What would it be like if everyone in your town did all their local driving in golf carts? One only has to look to Peachtree City, GA, a planned community just south of Atlanta, to get an idea. Almost every family in this town of 35,000 has one of the low-speed, low-carbon vehicles. That makes ...

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    Higher gas taxes in Georgia, a case study

    Now and again, talk of a higher national gas tax in the U.S. bubbles up into the discussion. Compared to the rest of the world, transportation fuel in the U.S. is pretty cheap, so there's a case to be made for raising it and to use the money to research more efficient vehicles and to improve ...

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    Nissan Leaf coming to Conyers, Georgia this spring?

    We, along with the rest of you, have been led to believe that the roll-out of the all-electric Nissan Leaf would begin happening sometime this fall with places such as San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA and Tennessee first in line to fill some of the expected 20,000 orders from customers. Apparently ...

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    Carbon capture strategy could lead to emission-free cars

    What, motoring without polluting? That sounds like a good thing to me. But before we take our champagne bottles out to celebrate, let's see what this means.According to a group of researches at the Georgia Institute of Technology, pollution-free transportation is possible. While major projects in ...

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    Range Fuels building the Nation's First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

    Cellulosic ethanol is the next step in making a definitive replacement for foreign oil. The reality is becoming ever closer, now in large part due to Range Fuels. The State of Georgia has just awarded them a permit to build the first plant to employ their patented technology to produce 100 million ...

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    Mad Scientist Matt sees the "possible improvement" of cellulose ethanol over traditional

    He calls himself the Mad Scientist Matt, but Matt Cramer is really a skeptical yet hopeful auto fanatic who is keeping an eye out for ethanol news. Like many others, Cramer knows that growing corn to make ethanol (actually, as he mentions on his blog, growing corn to make ethanol just from the ...

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    Georgia law takes one minor step into biodiesel territory

    There were two minor laws relating to biodiesel use in Georgia in the Georgia General Assembly this year. The Southeast Farm Press reports that biodiesel was defined and that the state would move to biodiesel for its diesel vehicles.Senate Bill 636 defines biodiesel as a blended fuel of biodiesel ...


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