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    Official: Drive a Tesla Model S for just $20 an hour

    Combine a really fast electric vehicle, a really high per-hour rental charge and visions of Steve McQueen or Ken Block of Gymkhana fame racing through the City by the Bay, and you have a really bad combination. Or a really good one. San Francisco-based car-sharing startup Getaround recently ...

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    Official: Getaround officially starts peer-to-peer car-sharing service in Portland

    Getaround, the Silicon Valley peer-to-peer car-sharing service that launched last year, officially debuted the service in Portland, OR, this week and said the U.S. government will conduct a car-sharing study that will pay people as much as $300 to rent out their cars. The company, unlike ...

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    Official: Zipcar invests in Wheelz peer-to-peer carsharing network

    Could peer-to-peer car sharing be coming of age? The nascent business model got a huge shot in the arm today, in the form of $13.7 million of funding for Wheelz, a car sharing program based on college campuses. Zipcar, of course, is the 800-pound gorilla of the car sharing ecosystem, operating in ...

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    Report: Airbnb considering car sharing service

    If you have a vacation home that's currently vacant, an apartment you can part with, or you're simply going to be away from your home for an extended period, Airbnb allows you to turn your empty house or apartment into a temporary rental unit. Potential guests can peruse images of empty lofts, ...

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    Report: PlugShare, Getaround offer special deal to select electric vehicle drivers

    Xatori, maker of "innovative" software for electric vehicles, is offering a special deal related to its flagship app, PlugShare. Xatori and peer-to-peer firm Getaround have teamed up to reward select PlugShare users $50 for sharing their plug-in vehicles on Getaround's marketplace. The PlugShare ...

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    Getaround offers carsharing with a twist

    Silicon Valley startup Getaround offers a carsharing service with a twist. Unlike companies like Zipcar, which owns the vehicles that are available for use by its members, Getaround is a peer-to-peer-based service that works like this: car owners agree to put their autos up for rent on an hourly, ...


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