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    Report: US buyers show little interest in big hybrids

    The idea of producing large, luxury-vehicle hybrids is turning into a "what were they thinking?" exercise in futility, USA Today reports. General Motors is discontinuing hybrid versions of the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon SUVs, while Mercedes-Benz and Toyota's Lexus division ...

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    Report: GM cancels next-gen hybrid truck/SUV program

    According to a report from, General Motors has shut down its hybrid program for company's next-generation of full-size pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles. Currently, the Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, GMC Sierra, Yukon and Cadillac Escalade all use the two-mode hybrid ...

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    Smart Fortwo coupes brave Artic Circle, truckers and journalists

    If this isn't the coolest thing in the Smart car world since the Batsmart, it's at least the coldest. Five journalists packed into two Smart Fortwo Passion Coupes (and a chase vehicle) for reasons not completely known or well understood. Their mission? To boldly go where no 1,800-pound, ...

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    New York Preview: GMC adds Yukon Denali hybrid and Terrain SUVs

    General Motors is planning to add another SUV to its hybrid vehicle fleet, in this case wearing the Yukon's top-level Denali trim. There's not much new to report here, as the Yukon Denali Hybrid will feature the same exact drivetrain that's fitted to its siblings from The General, including the ...

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    GM to add XFE models to full-size pickup and SUV, 15 mpg city/21 mpg hwy

    In a bid to try and salvage some sales from the rapidly deflating full size truck market, General Motors has decided to add XFE models to its big pickups and SUVs. As with the Cobalt XFE the new label is short for Xtra Fuel Economy. While the new XFE models don't come close to matching the mileage ...

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    GM's hybrid SUV duo win Best Engineered Vehicle from SAE

    Click the Tahoe hybrid for a high-res galleryRegardless of your viewpoint on the role that the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon Hybrid play in the marketplace, the engineering that went into the vehicles is laudable. Seamlessly integrating the dual gasoline and electric drivetrains has managed to win GM's ...

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    VIDEO: Paris Hilton says hybrids cars are "awesome," she has "the first one"

    digg_url = ''; Paparazzi asked celebrity Paris Hilton about going "green" (see video below) and buying her new hybrid Yukon. Mrs. Hilton says "everyone" should buy a hybrid. Why? They are "awesome!" She even brags she has "the ...

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    VIDEO: Paris Hilton driving in a Land Rover ... with a shaman

    Update: While Mrs. Hilton did buy a hybrid, Pop Fiction actually provided her with a Land Rover to pull the pranks.Ladies and gentleman, Paris Hilton got her hybrid! On a recent episode of E! News, Paris Hilton is seen driving in her new hybrid Yukon a Land Rover with a shaman (also see video below ...

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    Paris Hilton: I just ordered the new Yukon hybrid for my birthday!

    It's Paris Hilton's birthday and she plans on getting herself a Yukon Hybrid, E! News reports (check out the video above). Paris turns 27 the 17th of February (Sunday) but she is having 6 parties before her actual birthday. Would you expect anything less from Paris Hilton? Here is exactly what ...

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    Video: GMC's Superbowl ad for Yukon hybrid

    The ad for the hybrid Chevy Malibu did not make it to air but GMC's Yukon hybrid ad did. Like we said Thursday, the Yukon hybrid ad features the 1976 animated short Sisyphus by Marcell Jankovics. The voice over to the animation says the following:Why push? Why change? Why grow? Why dream? Questions ...

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    GM's hybrid SUV prices will be "corrected" upwards next week

    We thought a week or so ago that GM's new hybrid SUVs would start around $45,000. That information came from a GM spokesman, who said the hybrid version would cost about the same price as the conventional 5.3L model with similar equipment. A price like that would have meant virtually no price ...

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    GMC launches Yukon Hybrid site

    GMC has recently launched a special area on the brand's product website devoted to the upcoming Yukon Hybrid. The Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon SUVs will be launching with the new Two-Mode hybrid system this fall, the first of many applications from GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW. The site features some ...

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    Production ramping up for GM's fullsize SUV hybrid

    There's considerable anticipation in the air for the arrival of GM's two-mode hybrid system in the company's fullsize SUV lineup. Starting this week, workers at GM's Arlington, Texas, assembly line will practice building the unique powertrain that includes a V8 engine and electric motor located ...

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    GM full size SUV hybrids spotted undergoing hot weather testing

    Not many details are known about the hybrid system that is set to debut soon in GM's full-size Tahoes, Yukons and the like, but they are getting closer to reality. Proof of such is that they are undergoing hot weather testing, as can be seen in the above picture. While many debate whether hybrid ...

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    SUV and gas prices: looking beyond the numbers

    Though individual dealerships and brands have reported different numbers regarding SUV purchases, overall sales for new ones have been declining especially among middle class buyers. Also, many current owners are trying to sell their vehicles and downsize into a more fuel-efficient car in the hopes ...

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    Expedition to go green?

    Ford Motor Company is mulling ways to move some of its Expedition metal -- which is a good thing considering the 82-day supply the automaker is currently hoarding. The Dearborn-based automaker is taking its big Expedition SUV, which gets 14 mpg in the city, and making a diesel or hybrid ...

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    GM offers $1,000 fuel voucher with FlexFuel vehicles

    There have been a lot of promotions in recent years to encourage people to buy new cars – green and otherwise – in the United States like zero percent financing and tax credits. Now, GM is offering buyers of their 2006 and 2007 FlexFuel models a $1,000 voucher card to buy fuel. Green ...


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