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golf cart

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    Video: Let this electric golf cart drag racer teach you a lesson in physics

    Generally speaking, there's not a terribly high level of danger associated with the humble golf cart. Sure, if you're driving one with zero respect to life and limb, you could certainly injure yourself or someone else, but anyone with at least a modicum of respect for large moving objects ought ...

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    Video: Fore! Pro golfers race BMW i8 against a golf cart

    You wouldn't think a couple of pro golfers racing a golf cart along a nice green course would get the blood pumping. But throw in a BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and things get at least a little more interesting. At least, that's what the German automaker is hoping for. Bimmer is swinging big with a ...

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    What if everyone in your town drove a golf cart? In Peachtree City, GA, they do!

    What would it be like if everyone in your town did all their local driving in golf carts? One only has to look to Peachtree City, GA, a planned community just south of Atlanta, to get an idea. Almost every family in this town of 35,000 has one of the low-speed, low-carbon vehicles. That makes ...

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    Geneva 2011: Rinspeed BamBoo is a grown-up golf cart for the jet set

    Rinspeed BamBoo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Rinspeed brings a touch of the Mediterranean life to the Geneva Motor Show floor with the BamBoo. The four-passenger electric golf-cart for grown-ups is able to run up to 75 miles per hour and has a range of 65 miles thanks to a ...

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    Free Electric Car!

    There has been talk of free neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) before, but Drive Electric is turning up the promotional hype. The company is selling golf carts for the sale price of $6,496.53. Why that amount? Because there is a federal tax credit available for these EVs worth, look at that, ...

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    Meet the Garia, the World's Most Exclusive Golf Cart

    Garia, the "World's Most Exclusive Golf Cart" - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Normally, we might associate the so-called World's Most Exclusive Golf Cart with Tiger Woods, but he's surely got more important things on his mind at the moment. Plus, it's Cadillac that's supposed to be The ...

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    Revealed: Volvo's first-ever all-electric production car (yes, it's a golf cart)

    Volvo Golf Cart - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For all of the work that car companies are doing to shift public perception away from the electric vehicle=golf cart image, Volvo has proudly announced that its first all-electric car will be, in fact, a golf cart. It's called, wait for it, ...

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    Yamaha tests golf cart powered with cow dung

    What can you do with cow dung? We can think of at least one green car option: transform it into biomethane and use the gas to power a golf cart. This is what the engineers at Yamaha in Katori, in Chiba Prefecture. Osaka Gas Co. provided the methane at a low cost. It was then stored in a special ...

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    U.S. mililtary looking for a few good EVs

    The U.S. military, like so many other giant organizations, is making the case for going green. From hybrid tanks to bio-fuel jet fuel, reducing fuel is becoming more and more important. The latest move is towards more electric cars, thousands of little NEVs to use on bases around the world. ...

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    Greener golf with a solar golf cart

    FYI: We'd have used "going green on the green" if Uncrate hadn't already beaten us to it. Clever tagline aside, what we have here is a solar-powered golf cart which uses 48 volts worth of batteries to power its 5.5 horsepower electric motor. According to the specifications, the roof-mounted solar ...

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    Video: Green Team beats up hybrid driver (NSFW)

    Funnymen Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Adam Mckay are the "Green Team" in the above web comedy sketch. The video includes the trio driving an electric golf cart and beating up a guy that drives a hybrid. Why? Will explains "just because it's a hybrid does not mean it does not burn gas." When I ...

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    Custom golf carts earn style points for electric vehicles

    Flush with plenty of disposable retirement income, many Arizona residents are ordering big-buck, customized golf carts. More than 50 dealers in the Phoenix area offer tricked-out carts, and not all are just for the links. One estimate says 30 percent are used as alternative transportation. So why ...

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    Factory in Quebec to build electric car

    Somewhere between your average car and a golf cart lies a middle ground of vehicles; low power, low or zero emission, quick trip vehicles that are not designed for road trips but for grocery trips. Reader CR sent in a tip (thanks!) that, according to CCN Matthews, a factory in St. Jerome, Quebec ...


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