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    Report: Gordon Murray's MOTIV.e City Car still in the running

    Car designer Gordon Murray, known largely for his work in Formula 1 and with McLaren, says progress is going well for the development of the MOTIV.e City Car electric vehicle for Yamaha, according to Autocar. The MOTIV.e was on display at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook, where ...

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    More details emerge on Gordon Murray's electric Teewave AR1

    Gordon Murray Designs' latest creation, the Teewave AR1, not only showcases the firm's engineering capabilities, but also illustrates the point where integrity, lightweighting and electric drive meet. On the day Project T.32 (the Teewave AR1's codename) was primed for its Tokyo debut, the ...

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    Gordon Murray and Toray unveil electric T-Wave AR1 concept

    Toray Industries, a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in industrial fibers and textiles, has teamed up with world-renowned designer Gordon Murray to dream up the T-Wave AR1, a two-seat electric concept that showcases Toray's carbon fiber expertise. Toray says the ...

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    Gordon Murray's upcoming T.27 electric minicar gets tiny specs to match

    Gordon Murray's latest project, the T.27 electric minicar, is reportedly nearing production. The crash-tested T.27, a battery-powered version of Murray's lightweight, three-seat T.25 city car, could enter the production cycle by late 2011. Since the launch is drawing near, Gordon Murray figured ...

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    Shell pushes lubrication boundaries with fuel-saving 0W-10 synthetic motor oil

    Most modern automobile engines run with either 5W-20 or 5W-30 weight motor oil lubricating their internals. While these two oil viscosities have been shown to adequately protect an engine's moving parts, a lower-weight lubricant (0W-10, for example) could theoretically boost a vehicle's fuel ...

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    Gordon Murray's T.27 gets crash tested, passes with flying colors

    Gordon Murray T.27 crash testing – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Gordon Murray's groundbreaking T.27, the electric version of his T.25 city car, is one step closer to production now that it has officially passed its first phase of crash testing. It's always slightly depressing to ...

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    Officially Official: Gordon Murray's T.25 city car revealed

    Gordon Murray Design T.25 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    After hinting at doing so for a couple of years, Gordon Murray has finally revealing his new T.25 city car at an event at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, England. The 1,212-pound car is just ...

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    Gordon Murray's forthcoming electric T.27 city car in detail

    Gordon Murray T.27 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Gordon Murray has long been considered one of the most innovative engineers and designers in the automotive world. The latest project from the mind that created the McLaren F1 supercar is the new T.27 electric city car. The T.27 is ...

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    Report: Gordon Murray's T27 nearing production in UK

    Gordon Murray's latest project, the T27, is reportedly getting much closer to production. Construction of a factory to produce the three-seat electric car could begin by the end of the year. The T27 is the battery-powered variant of the T25, both of which are designed to be extremely lightweight ...

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    Zytek teams up with Gordon Murray for T.27, an all-electric version of the T.25

    Zytek Automotive has worked on electric drivetrains for the Smart ED and the Mercedes F1 KERS system. This week, Zytek announced a partnership with Gordon Murray Design for a new all-electric city car called the T.27. Gordon Murray is the force behind the T.25, the tiny three-seater that was ...

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    REPORT: Gordon Murray's T25 to seat three; be larger inside that iQ, Fortwo

    There's no guarantee that Gordon Murray's innovative T25 microcar will ever see the light of day. The designer has no intention of actually building the automobile himself – instead, Murray hopes to sell the rights to build the car using his equally impressive (or so we hear) iStream ...

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    Gordon Murray's T25 will get turbocharged 660cc engine; could come from Apple, Virgin or Sony

    It's been a few months since we last heard from Gordon Murray, designer of the legendary McLaren F1 supercar and upcoming (hopefully) T25 city car. Back in February, Murray mentioned that his firm had received interest from over a dozen international companies that could license the car's design ...

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    Design and engineering complete on Gordon Murray's T25 city car

    According to a report on Autocar, Gordon Murray has received interest from over a dozen international companies that are interested in setting up franchises to sell the innovative T25 city car. Interestingly, very few of the interested parties are actual established automakers. That's a good thing ...

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    Gordon Murray's new T.25 illustrated with slew of little toys

    Click above for a gallery of pint-sized T.25 toys
    According to Gordon Murray, the upcoming city car that his design firm has been working on will be half the size of an average car while maintaining at least a 4-star safety rating in Euro NCAP testing. How small is that? Two T.25's will fit in a ...

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    Gordon Murray trademarks names iStream, iFrame and iCentre

    Thanks to some digging through the UK Intellectual Property Office, GreenMotor has uncovered what may be the name for Gordon Murray's upcoming city car. Up until now, we've known the city car as Type 25 or T.25, which was so named because it is Murray's 25th design, but it now seems possible that ...

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    Gordon Murray talks about his 80 mpg T25

    Is it possible to make a car that carries 4 people comfortably, meets modern safety standards, provides decent performance and gets 80 mpg for barely more than $10,000? Even more impressive would be to do it without electric or hybrid drive. If it's at all possible, Gordon Murray may well be the ...

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    Details on Gordon Murray's T25 continue to leak

    2014 is a very long ways off. It's pretty much impossible to predict what the automotive landscape will look like just a few years in advance, let alone a full five years. But, that's exactly what Gordon Murray's design team is trying to do with its latest project, the T25. This twenty-fifth ...

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    Early shots of Gordon Murray's T.25 surface

    Click above for more teaser shots of the T.25 concept
    Gordon Murray has very big ideas, but sometimes those ideas turn into something very small indeed. Such is the case with the T.25, which is the twenty-fifth unique design to come out of the man's head. Past projects include the McLaren F1 and ...

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    A new green supercar coming from Gordon Murray?

    While we anxiously await more details regarding Gordon Murray's upcoming Type-25 city car, we have another proposition from the man who brought the McLaren F1 and the Rocket to fruition: a green supercar. What could be green about a supercar, you ask? Well, it depends on how you look at it. For ...

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    Gordon Murray's Type-25 city car gets fleshed out

    Since first hearing that ex-McLaren F1 supercar designer Gordon Murray had left the famous racing company to create his own design house and that its first product was to be a revolutionary city car, we've been anxiously awaiting more details to come to the surface. Lucky for us, they just have. ...


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