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    Report: Ford Green Zone works magic with GPS to make your drive smarter, cleaner

    For the most part, plug-in hybrids rely on the power stored in the battery until that charge is depleted. Unless the switch can be changed manually, it's only then that the cars fire up the internal combustion engine and begin using the fossil fuels on board. This is ideal, of course, when one's ...

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    Official: All-electric Renault Twizy used for Self Drive Audio Tours

    Self-drive touring is one of the fastest-growing trends in travel, according to a recent article in the magazine published by the American Society of Travel Agents. A Portuguese company, ToGuide is ahead of the curve here, and is offering a way to tour European cities by renting small, two-seat ...

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    Official: Ford EV+ feature "learns" to increase your energy efficiency

    Mercedes-Benz may have branded the Smart Car, but Ford is trying hard to lay its own claim to that title. The US automaker is announcing an energy-efficiency feature for its plug-in vehicles where the vehicle's GPS system helps it "learn" common routes, and ways to save fuel. Called EV+, ...

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    Official: UC researchers' new navigation system could boost EV range

    Stash this one in the "we don't see a downside to this" department. UC Riverside researchers are developing a navigation system specifically geared towards cutting fuel use and, in some cases, increasing electric-vehicle driving range. Instead of merely plotting out directions to a certain ...

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    Report: General Motors urban EN-V concept needs more precise GPS

    EN-V concepts – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When General Motors revealed its trio of EN-V concepts in early 2010, they were an instant hit. The thing is, their appearance looks like they come from about 15 years in the future. This might be fitting since these autonomous, ...

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    Pioneer introduces satellite navigation aimed at hypermilers

    Pioneer's latest satellite navigation system, the AVIC-ZHO9-MEV, is designed specifically for hypermiling plug-in vehicle owners looking to extract every last bit of range out of their electrified rides. The AVIC-ZHO9-MEV is a device that estimates your vehicle's remaining battery charge and ...

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    GPS units makes you more fuel efficient? 12 percent, to be exact, says NAVTEQ

    A recent survey conducted by research firm NuStats and funded by GPS-maker NAVTEQ has found that drivers equipped with in-car navigation units use 12 percent less fuel than their non-guided counterparts. The study focused on three groups of drivers in Germany. The first used no GPS at all, the ...

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    Already have everything? How about a bicycle-mounted rear-view camera and display

    I don't know why, but Cerevellum plans to make a rear view video camera with video monitor for bikes. Bikes have no blind spots because, well, it's a bike, so the bicycle rear view monitor only saves you from turning your head and body slightly. If tipping you head or glancing down at the monitor ...

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    Nissan's Eco Driving Advice will help avoid traffic, cut emissions

    Dash mounted navigation systems are becoming rather common inside many new cars. Nissan believes that these navigation systems can be leveraged to reduce the CO2 emissions of their cars and trucks. In an effort to meet their stated goal of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of their automobiles ...

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    Video: Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, GoLoco at AltWheels Boston 2007

    At AltWheels Boston 2007, I had an interesting conversation with Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar and founder of GoLoco. In the video above, Robin talks about GoLoco, a Facebook web app that allows you to share rides and share the cost of travel with friends online. Robin says ride sharing reduces ...

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    Big Brother is riding shotgun: Oregon blames mandatory GPS for cars on hybrids

    digg_url = ''; Where does the state government get the money to maintain roads? Gas taxes. What if your car does not use gas? How is the state suppose to know if an electric car is using the road? Some states are ...

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    TomTom Rider, GPS for bikes

    TomTom made the first GPS device designed just for bikes and scooters called TomTom Rider. GPS navigation is very green: There is nothing more un-green than getting lost and wasting fuel trying to find your way. Scooters and bikes are are also green and TomTom deserves the credit for bring the two ...

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    Another team set to use Passat TDi for DARPA Urban Challenge

    We told you previously about DARPA Urban Challenge and the Volkswagen Passat from defending DARPA Grand Challenge winners the Stanford Racing Team. Now there is a second team entering with a Passat TDi wagon, this time from Germany in the form of Team-LUX. The Hamburg based team appears to be ...

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    Find the greenest path to you destination with your gps

    Many mainstream cars are now available with GPS navigation systems from the factory and after market systems are available for well under $1,000. They're generally pretty reliable about finding the shortest or fastest route to a destination, occasional trips into rivers notwithstanding. Those ...

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    Tour Coupes creator: 2-stroke putt-putt cars aren't "high polluting"

    Tour Coupes are hitting the streets of San Diego. An ingenious concept, the little 2-seater 3-wheelers pull in a GPS signal that activates an on-board narration to describe the city sights. Visitors can rent the 8-foot-long vehicles starting at $45 an hour or $165 a day. The vehicles are registered ...

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    GPS system for bicyclists

    A common charge car drivers hurl at GPS systems is that they're unnecessary for anyone with maps and the brains to use them. But what about cyclists using unfamiliar bike lanes? The Dutch cyclists union ENFB has started a volunteer effort to map the numerous bike lanes for GPS, many of which are ...

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    Touring around San Francisco in an electric rental with GPS guidance

    Here's another San Francisco-based story to complement the news of the SFFD going biodiesel. If you're in the city and want to go for a tour without emitting a lot of CO2 (at least, not from the vehicle you're riding in), then give a look to Electric Time Car Rentals and their GPS-based city audio ...


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