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green car guide

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    AAA says Tesla Model S is the best green car available

    AAA has released its 2014 Green Car Guide (PDF), a 140-page document that discusses what it means to be green, how to be a greener driver, how to shop for green cars, what choices are available and what green cars are on the horizon. Most importantly, the guide evaluates and ranks 83 different ...

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    Green Car Game brings child's gameplay to CO2 emissions

    We're not against a silly flash game that teaches us a fact or two about green cars or how to drive better, but one thing we do not need is a green car version of war/Top Trumps. But, this is what has given us with the Green Car Game. If you want to learn, in detail and kind ...

  • 0 offers, well, a green car guide

    A new website with an oh-so-modest goal went online yesterday. The site,, hopes to "end motorists' confusion about green cars". It'll do so with a simple interface and guided questions (like Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid - what's best for you?). The UK-centric site was founded by ...


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