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green cars

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    Study: Here's where green cars are the most popular
    Diesel and hybrids both selling well in Texas, California 1402063200

    As we've already learned, 2013 was a pretty big year for diesel and hybrid sales. According to registration data, there are now 7 million diesel passenger vehicles and 2.8 million hybrids on the roads in the US. Diesel registrations grew by 410,040 last year, and hybrids increased by 531,385. ...

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    Fleets and consumers now see practical alternative-fuel vehicle options

    Automakers and fans of alternative fuel vehicles have been waiting for years for consumers to start rolling off dealer lots driving green cars. It is slowly starting to happen, with the number of vehicles that don't run exclusively on standard gasoline nearly doubling from 534,000 on US roads in ...

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    Next Green Car launches "Approved" vehicle list

    Next Green Car approved vehicles – Click above to view entire list
    Let's say you're looking to buy a new vehicle and have decided that it's time to get behind the wheel of a "greener" ride. Aside from spending hours online researching autos, how can you determine which vehicle is the right ...

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    Toyota iQ wins UK Green Car award

    2011 Scion iQ – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Over in the UK, the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) has announced its 2010 Green Car Awards (to our knowledge this is not affiliated in any way with the Green Car of the Year presented by Green Car Journal) and gave the Toyota ...

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    Ten green cars to remember from the last 100 years

    Today is the very last day of the year. And guess what? This is the very last post you'll see on AutoblogGreen in 2009. Fret not, green car aficionados, there will be fresh new material to keep us all interested in 2010, but let's take a minute to look back. Not just on the last decade, but on ...

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    Rush Limbaugh blasts green car movement because "nobody" wants hybrids

    In an attempt to stay politically neutral, we're going to stop short of offering opinions about Rush Limbaugh's recent statements regarding hybrid automobiles and the intent of automakers like Ford and Honda to "please politicians overseeing the industry's multibillion-dollar bailout." What we will ...

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    World Green Car of the Year nominees announced; AutoblogGreen plays special role

    It's that time of the year again. Last year, BMW managed to snag the top honors for World Green Car of the Year with its little 118d, beating out stiff oil-burning competition from Volkswagen and smart in the process. Might we get an electric winner for 2009? That seems possible now that we've ...

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    Survey Says: German women want green cars

    What's the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new car? For German women, the answer is the same as it is for nearly everyone else: safety and security. In fact, 97 percent of respondents in a recent survey pointed to security as the most vital auto need. The next most important ...

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    AutoblogGreen on the Radio

    Listen in to a fascinating conversation that took place yesterday on green car politics, featured on the radio show, "Your Call." (KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco, CA). The show gave me a chance to discuss some of my research on "The Clean Car Movement," and also featured Meghan Sinott (Organizer for ...

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    KBB goes Green, awards Top Green Cars of 2008

    What are the best green cars available to consumers in 2008? The Toyota Prius certainly springs to mind, and that model is in fact KBB's top choice in their new Top Green Cars of 2008 list. Six of KBB's top ten choices are hybrids, which is not surprising given their comparatively low fuel ...

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    Ford: Green cars could look like sexy science projects

    Some see the success of the Toyota Prius, compared to such competitors as the Civic Hybrid, as proof that green cars need to look different from their normal siblings. While it may be a bit early on in the game to make this assessment, Ford's North American director of car design, Pat Schiavone, ...

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    Hey, guys! Survey says a green car will help you with the ladies

    Daryl Hannah prefers guys with green carsWe've been covering Challenge X since we first started our blogging careers, but we somehow missed the results of an extremely interesting survey which was conducted by the group of college students. The survey focused on green automobiles and society's view ...

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    66% of U.K. car buyers will go green in order to save money

    A win is a win, right? We're content to consider the fact that two-thirds of new car buyers in the U.K. are considering going green for their next car purchase a good thing, despite the fact that most of them are doing so to save money, not the environment. What Car? group editor Steve Fowler says ...

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    Forbes picks most technologically advanced green cars

    It's always interesting when non-automotive people decide to create a list of top cars in some category. In this case, the business and financial writers over at Forbes decided to pick ten technologically advanced green cars. Some of the selections - the Honda FCX Clarity and the Chevy Volt - seem ...

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    Green Car Journal names its favorite 2007 models

    Calling them the year's "most stand-out vehicles with regard to energy efficiency, emissions and overall environmental compatibility," the editors of Green Car Journal have named the top 5 2007 models. Judges considered alternative fuel vehicles, hybrids and zero-emission models. The top 5 in ...

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    Green car show in Boston

    If you are in the Boston, MA area this weekend you might want to swing by the Boston City Hall Plaza on Saturday or the Larz Anderson Auto Museum on Sunday. Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as Azure Dynamics, and other manufacturers and suppliers are all bringing their ...

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    No green 'green' cars?

    It's still the weekend, so we'll go with the light news here. While interest in "green" cars is constantly increasing, British car shoppers are turning away from cars that are green in color. At this year's British International Motor Show, only 15 of the 538 cars on display are green colored. ...


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