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greenhouse gas emissions

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    Official: Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards
    But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks 1407930900

    Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the ...

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    Report: EU compromises on loosening CO2 emission limits

    If Germany sneezes, does the European Union catch a cold? Kind of, at least when we're talking about the EU's recent step to making its greenhouse-gas emissions standards set for the end of the decade a little less stringent after months of German automakers crying uncle, Reuters says. The EU ...

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    Read This: How alternative energy makes for bad public policy

    John DeCicco is starting to make a name for himself speaking out against green cars. In June, he said electric vehicles won't help much unless the energy well they tap is cleaned up. He's now back with an article in a Yale University publication called Environment 360 that we're guessing some ...

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    Report: EC proposes 30% stricter emissions standards for 2020

    As they do with fashion and culinary wonders, the Europeans are continuing to take the lead in tightening fuel-economy standards as well. The European Commission (EC) has proposed fleetwide greenhouse-gas emissions standards for cars that are about 30 percent stricter by the end of the decade ...

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    Official: Volkswagen will invest more than $55 billion to cut vehicle, factory emissions

    Volkswagen AG announced this week that it will spend more than $55 billion over the next four years reducing carbon emissions from both its vehicles and factories, as the German automaker looks to increase sales by boosting its credibility as an environmentally friendly vehicle maker. You can see ...

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    Study: Electric vehicles are way too dirty in China

    Operating an electric vehicle in China today emits more greenhouse gases than simply driving a gasoline-fueled equivalent, according to emissions expert Juerg Gruetter of Gruetter Consulting. The reason is that, despite the country's push to promote electric vehicles, China's power grid is so ...

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    Lung Association lobbies for stricter emissions standards in California

    As the California Air Resources Board prepares to decide on emissions regulations that could increase fuel economy requirements of 2017 to 2025 model year vehicles, the state's American Lung Association is pushing regulators to adopt stricter standards. In a recent report, the American ...

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    Study: Well-to-wheels emissions for CNG vehicles lower than diesel hybrids, fuel cell vehicles

    In a paper published in the journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, Joshua Gifford, a Master's student in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University (ISU), along with Robert C. Brown, director of ISU's center for sustainable environmental technologies, propose the evaluation of four ...

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    EIA: U.S. greenhouse gas emissions drop by record-setting 5.8% in 2009

    Total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measured in at 6,576 million metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) in 2009, a record-setting decrease of 5.8 percent from the 2008 level, according to a report released last week by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This marks ...

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    Texas oil companies still pushing for Proposition 23 to halt California's emissions reductions

    No other state in the union has embraced both environmental regulation and direct voter democracy to the same degree that California has with its proposition system and there is another big issue coming to the ballot this November. Proposition 23, if it passes, would suspend California's ...

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    Climate Bill details unveiled: emissions, clean coal, transportation and much more at stake

    The so called Climate Bill, formally referred to as the American Power Act (read it in PDF), contains a wealth of information that could impact the environment, transportation, offshore drilling, clean coal and so much more. Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) presented the ...

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    New report concludes carbon sequestration "profoundly unfeasible"

    Ever since the idea of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) was first proposed, everyone from politicians to Big Oil lobbyists have spoken of the technology as already up and running successfully and ready for large scale implementation. Well, a new report in the Journal of Petroleum Science ...

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    Texas files petition to review EPA's CO2 'endangerment finding'

    Last spring, the EPA ruled that it could regulate CO2 and five other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act because they are could be harmful to the health of humans. Automakers quickly responded by saying they hoped the finding wouldn't stop efforts to find a nationwide regulatory environment ...

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    Cattle industry has a beef with EPA over greenhouse gases

    To the surprise of many, the vast majority of the automakers that sell their wares here in the United States welcomed the EPA's decision earlier in the year that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are damaging to the environment and should therefore be regulated. That has plenty to do with ...

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    Officially Official: EPA rules greenhouse gases are harmful to human health

    Finally. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has today ruled that six greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are harmful to the health of humans and will therefore be listed amongst the other pollutants that can be regulated by the Clean Air Act. According to the official report, ...

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    June 30th deadline set for decision on California greenhouse gas waiver

    This week, Congress and President Obama have approved a bill that includes a June 30th deadline for the EPA to decide whether or not to allow California the right to enact its own greenhouse gas rules. Earlier this year, President Obama directed the EPA to reconsider California's request for a ...

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    Montana could follow California on greenhouse gas rules

    Montana could soon become the latest state to adopt California emissions rules if a recently-introduced bill becomes law. California still hasn't received the go-ahead from the EPA to even regulate carbon dioxide emissions but Montana Senate Bill 180 would make CO2 a regulated pollutant. If the EPA ...

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    Obama to revisit states' rights on carbon emissions

    In an announcement that should come as little surprise to anyone paying close attention, Lisa Jackson, President-elect Obama's newly-nominated EPA administrator, has said that she will immediately revisit the topic of whether individual states have the right to enact laws governing carbon ...

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    China to pass US as top greenhouse gas source this year

    China will pass the United States as the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world earlier than had been initially anticipated. Earlier forecasts predicted that this wouldn't happen until the year 2010, but China's rapid economic growth has had a direct effect on its emissions, as the ...

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    Senator wants EPA to issue new regulations on CO2 emissions

    In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that the EPA does have the authority to regulate greenhouse gases, Senator Barbara Boxer is urging the Bush White House to do something quickly to curb greenhouse gases. Boxer, who is chairwoman of the Senate Environment Committee also wants the ...


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