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greenhouse gases

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    Read This: Big Oil says California's cap-and-trade system will raise gas prices

    You try to do a good thing, but someone always has to come around and say there's a down side. In this case, the good thing is AB 32, also known as California's greenhouse gas emission reduction law, and the potential down side is one that could generate a lot of bad publicity. First, some ...

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    Study: EPA says US air is getting cleaner, GHG emissions dropped 1.6% in 2011

    Transportation is not solely responsible for the mess of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the air, but our cars and trucks (and ships, trains, and planes) were the second-biggest factor in GHG in the US in 2011. The good news is that overall emissions are on the decline, dropping 1.6 percent ...

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    Report: Toyota leading fight against Mexican plan to align fuel economy standards with US

    Fuel-efficient cars might be nearly synonymous with Toyota here in the US, but in Mexico, the Japanese automaker is reportedly leading a fight in a dustup over more stringent automobile fuel efficiency regulations. Mexico's government is reportedly trying to make its own mile-per-gallon rules the ...

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    Report: Greenhouse gas levels still climbing, CO2 now up to 389 ppm, says UN

    It's got to be difficult to accurately measure and predict the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but if tests by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) are correct, then things are getting worse than people originally thought. The WMO is the UN's "authoritative voice on weather, ...

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    Study: Electric vehicles are way too dirty in China

    Operating an electric vehicle in China today emits more greenhouse gases than simply driving a gasoline-fueled equivalent, according to emissions expert Juerg Gruetter of Gruetter Consulting. The reason is that, despite the country's push to promote electric vehicles, China's power grid is so ...

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    Study: ultrafine particles in diesel fumes can cause heart attacks

    When we think of dangerous auto emissions, we tend to think first of greenhouse-causing gases or the components of the smoggy haze that hovers over cities. However, another component of the smoke pouring from some tailpipes may be even more dangerous. Research published in European Heart Journal ...

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    Report: House panel attempting to block EPA from regulating tailpipe emissions

    The Clean Air Act of 2007 gave the Environmental Protection Agency the right to regulate tailpipe emissions due to their dangers to public health. The law also gave states like California the right to set their own emissions policies; a move that could force automakers to meet several different ...

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    Toyota: Prius emissions less harmful than a sheep's, um, emissions

    Toyota Prius versus a sheep – Click above to enlarge
    The flatus of the Toyota Prius is less harmful than the flatus of a sheep. Who knew? Apparently, Toyota's Israeli arm, that's who. As you can see from the advertisement above, the methane gas produced by livestock can indeed be worse for ...

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    Peugeot oultlines long-term emissions reduction plans

    Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While speaking at the 1st French-American EV Technology Forum held on December 8th, Joel Danroc, deputy manager of the French research organization CEA and Craig Childers, an employee at the California Air Resources Board (CARB), ...

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    Texas oil companies still pushing for Proposition 23 to halt California's emissions reductions

    No other state in the union has embraced both environmental regulation and direct voter democracy to the same degree that California has with its proposition system and there is another big issue coming to the ballot this November. Proposition 23, if it passes, would suspend California's ...

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    Climate Bill details unveiled: emissions, clean coal, transportation and much more at stake

    The so called Climate Bill, formally referred to as the American Power Act (read it in PDF), contains a wealth of information that could impact the environment, transportation, offshore drilling, clean coal and so much more. Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) presented the ...

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    New report concludes carbon sequestration "profoundly unfeasible"

    Ever since the idea of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) was first proposed, everyone from politicians to Big Oil lobbyists have spoken of the technology as already up and running successfully and ready for large scale implementation. Well, a new report in the Journal of Petroleum Science ...

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    NHTSA chief counsel says Murkowski Resolution will hurt the environment, car companies and consumers

    The U.S. media's political lens is focused pretty heavily on the health care debate right now, but that doesn't mean other items of interest aren't happening in Washington, D.C. For example, debate over the EPA's endangerment finding that found that greenhouse gases (GHGs), including those from ...

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    Texas files petition to review EPA's CO2 'endangerment finding'

    Last spring, the EPA ruled that it could regulate CO2 and five other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act because they are could be harmful to the health of humans. Automakers quickly responded by saying they hoped the finding wouldn't stop efforts to find a nationwide regulatory environment ...

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    Cattle industry has a beef with EPA over greenhouse gases

    To the surprise of many, the vast majority of the automakers that sell their wares here in the United States welcomed the EPA's decision earlier in the year that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are damaging to the environment and should therefore be regulated. That has plenty to do with ...

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    EPA says green house gases endanger people, environment - and it's all our fault

    It's official: the cars we drive are hurting us. The EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced today that "greenhouse gases (GHGs) threaten the public health and welfare of the American people. EPA also finds that GHG emissions from on-road vehicles contribute to that threat." The EPA says that the ...

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    California Attorney General drops greenhouse gas suit against carmakers

    When I started posting here way back in 2006, one of the very first stories I wrote was about the state of California filing a lawsuit against six of the largest automakers over the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The original premise was that the emissions from cars were a public ...

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    EPA starts public hearing on greenhouse gas

    Southern California wildfires 2007
    A month ago, the EPA officially ruled that greenhouse gases (e.g., CO2) are harmful to human health because they, among other negative impacts, damage the environment and can raise sea levels and cause more wildfires. Tomorrow, the EPA will hold its first public ...

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    Let's Make a Deal: Automakers reportedly reach agreement with lawmakers on carbon cap legislation

    Now that the U.S. has officially concluded that greenhouse gasses are harmful to human health, it's time to do something about them. One major hurdle standing in the way of the U.S. implementing carbon cap and trade legislation appears to have been cleared as both the domestic automakers and ...

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    Officially Official: EPA rules greenhouse gases are harmful to human health

    Finally. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has today ruled that six greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are harmful to the health of humans and will therefore be listed amongst the other pollutants that can be regulated by the Clean Air Act. According to the official report, ...


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