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    Official: VW, Greenpeace agree on tighter emissions standards, 95 g/km of CO2 by 2020

    We're not expecting the next whaling-ship ramming Greenpeace boat to have a VW logo on it, but it's nice that the two entities are finally getting together in the name of lower emissions. Volkswagen and Greenpeace leaders recently agreed that Europe's largest automaker would pledge to cut its ...

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    Report: Greenpeace pickets VW Golf premiere in Berlin

    No cute little Ewoks with this campaign. Last year, Greenpeace used the Star Wars-themed ad for the Volkswagen Passat to form its own "Dark Side" campaign. The one criticized Europe's biggest automaker for not doing enough to cut automobile greenhouse gas emissions, and Greenpeace was at it ...

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    Official: Greenpeace renews attack on VW's eco efforts with Star Wars-themed Golf Jedi Edition

    Last year, Greenpeace targeted Volkswagen with its VW Dark Side campaign. A twist on the popular Star War-themed Passat commercial that debuted during the 2011 Super Bowl, VW Dark Side pointed out that VW wasn't doing as much as it could to further the cause of more efficient vehicles. This ...

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    Video: Video: Greenpeace parodies Little Vader ad to show dark side of Volkswagen

    Greenpeace has launched a parody of the Volkswagen Little Vader Super Bowl commercial. This time, the pint-sized Sith squares off against various heroes of the Rebel Alliance, including kid-form versions of Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Princess Leia and a Jedi Knight. There's even a tiny Lando ...

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    BP logo redesign contests popping up everywhere - is this overkill?

    You'd have to be living in a deep, dark hole somewhere in the middle of nowhere to not have heard anything about the massive oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. And you better not come out of your cave just yet, since not a day pass that we don't hear about this continuing disaster. We should be ...

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    Greenpeace opposed to nuclear and coal powered electric vehicles

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You might think that Greenpeace would love the idea of electric cars, but you'd be sadly mistaken. Greenpeace Germany's Wolfgang Lohbeck spoke at last week's "The New Automobile" conference and focused on the "remote tailpipe" ...

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    Greenpeace trying hard to block London Heathrow expansion

    London's Heathrow airport is already one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, but authorities are looking to expand. Of course, there is ample opposition to the airport's plan to add a third major runway, some of it coming from celebrities like Emma Thompson, who says, "I don't ...

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    New CO2 limits for 2015 instead?

    Photo of the European Parliament published under the GNU Documentation LicenseOk, I have to admit that this is becoming quite the complicated story. The basics are that the European Parliament intends to limit the average CO2 emission figures for auto manufacturers. The initial goal was to set the ...

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    Environmental organisations team up to reduce CO2 emissions

    Friends of the Earth, Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, Jóvenes Verdes and WWF/Adena have launched an online campaign demanding a drastic reduction of CO2 emission limits in Europe. The EU is set to establish limits next fall and these associations are lobbying in for stricter ones. ...

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    Greenpeace's SmiLE Project proved 70mpg was possible in 1995

    High fuel efficiency is a hot topic today, but people have been tinkering with miserly vehicles for a long time. Take GreenPeace, which started working on the "SmILE-Project" in the mid '90s. GreenPeace thought that if it was going to have to be cars that we use for transportation, they may as well ...

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    Flintstones arrested at EU protest over CO2 regulations

    GreenpeaceEverybody's favorite pre-historic family was arrested today in Brussels, Belgium. A group of protesters from Greenpeace dressed in Flintstones-style garb were taken into custody today as they approached the European Parliament building. The EU parliament is about to start debating the ...

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    Greenpeace: Carbon capture is not going to save our climate

    Greenpeace is quite unhappy with recent proposals to use carbon capture technology (CCT) at power plants that burn coal. According to the environmental group, CCT is like burying money. Their reasons? First and foremost, the technology is not yet 100 percent ready, and won't be until 2030. ...

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    Big luxury SUVs are "bulldozers" against the earth with biodiesel

    We are not crazy: The image above is Greenpeace Argentina's way to protest against the country's efforts to produce soy-based biodiesel. The activist group took a Mercedes ML and a Porsche Cayenne and made them look like bulldozers to illustrate the idea that soy biodiesel destroys native forests ...

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    Switzerland forbids the oil sector to make any environmental claim

    digg_url = ''; First it was Norway, now it's Switzerland: The Loyalty Commission of Switzerland, an advertisement industry self-control agency, has agreed with a Greenpeace petition: from now on, no ...

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    Greenpeace says no to Neste's palm biodiesel

    Greenpeace last week told the Finnish company Neste Oil to stop making biodiesel from Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil. Lennart Daléus, the general secretary of the Nordic section of Greenpeace, said that growing the palm trees is done in a way that, according to a short note on Newsroom ...


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