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    Has "peak car" already happened? Are automakers becoming mobility companies?

    The mood at the 2013 North American International Auto Show has been more than upbeat for automakers. Lots of new models and concept cars have been unveiled and automakers think it will be a good year for a solid sales increase. Quartz writer Tim Fernholz looked at it from another angle, raising ...

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    Treasure Department: traffic jams waste 1.9 billion gallons of gas in U.S. each year

    A car that is sitting still with the engine running is getting zero miles per gallon, no matter how efficient the aerodynamics or how great the hybrid powertrain is. Spread out over the entire U.S., all those zero mile per gallon situations – i.e. traffic jams – means Americans are ...

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    Cracking the physics of traffic jams

    If you sit in a some gridlock this holiday season, you might come to the end of the line of cars and realize, hey, there's nothing there. No accident, no police on the shoulder, just a bunch of cars that aren't getting where they want to go. Over at the Universities of Exeter (in England), Bristol ...

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    Traffic, what a horrible time and gas waster!

    Everybody hates traffic. But, that doesn't stop each and every one of us from getting stuck in it from time to time, does it? Especially if you live in L.A., the city with the worst traffic of all. How bad is it? According to a study performed by the Texas Transportation Institute, rush-hour ...


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