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    Official: Like Jeep, Fisker Twitter account briefly hacked, offers way to lose body fat

    In the overall scheme of things, having your Twitter account hacked isn't as bad as a flood or a fire. So, perhaps the "The Fastest Way To Lose BodyFat in (2)Weeks" tweet that Fisker Automotive sent out today isn't going to cause anyone to lose sleep, especially since it was almost instantly ...

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    VIDEO: ZAP Xebra hacked!!!

    Kids today. Give them a new toy and before the sun goes down it's been taken apart, hacked, and maybe even improved. Jeff isn't exactly a kid and he picked up this toy some time last January but a Xebra isn't exactly an Playstation so it took a little time. The point is he wasn't totally satisfied ...

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    Hacked! Porsche's lawsuit against London website taken over by 1923Turk - or something

    click screen grab to enlargeThe Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923. If you think this has nothing to do with green cars, you're mostly right. Today, though, it does, if only because someone (or a group of someones) has hacked into the news section of Porsche's Judicial Review website and posted ...


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