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    Official: Cadillac emphasizes sportiness, 'engaging driving dynamics' of upcoming ELR

    Cadillac is mounting big-old 20-inch wheels on its 2014 ELR extended-range plug-in that is debuting early next year, but the General Motors division is doing a lot more than that to make sure the 4,000-pound car stays steady on the road. Cadillac says the ELR's suspension will adjust 500 ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S suspension getting potential upgrade

    You can't say those Tesla Motors guys take any challenges sitting down. In this case, the luxury battery-electric vehicle maker may be working on an upgraded suspension package for its top-of-the-line Model S sedan, according to Wired. Tesla is testing a version that includes 21-inch rear ...

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    New Tesla blog entry on developing the handling of an electric supercar

    Over at the Tesla blog, PR Director David Vespremi has a new post on developing the driving dynamics of the Roadster. Clearly the team responsible for creating this little animal are car nuts with a heart of green. While they have set out to create a car with zero emissions they have decided that ...


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