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    Report: The unexpected connection between Chevy Volt and electric Harley LiveWire

    It's approximately 385 miles from Detroit to Milwaukee. With former General Motors executive Jim Federico helping to lead Harley-Davidson's rather quiet trek into the electric-vehicle age, that distance theoretically just got quite a bit shorter. Now, if we only knew how many full charges it will ...

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    Harley-Davidson trike getting closer to production?

    Patent drawings have revealed that Harley-Davidson, the quintessential American Motor Company, has been working on leaning three-wheelers for the last few years. This is a concept that has already proven itself viable with products like the Piaggio MP3 series of scooters currently on the market. HD ...

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    Harley-Davidson says "screw fuel mileage"

    America, please don't buy a Harley because it gets 50 mpg. MPG describes riding like biology describes sex. History has shaped this tank, not the whims of foreign oil. American workers pour their soul into it. Lets chase sunsets whether gas is 6 bucks or 6 red cents. Let's ride to parties like rock ...

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    Harley-Davidson purchases MV Agusta and Cagiva

    The rumored purchase of MV Agusta by Harley-Davidson is now official. The total purchase price of $109 million nets HD both Italian sportbike maker MV Agusta as well as its Cagiva brand. While most of the world will be focusing in on MV, and with good reason, we at AutoblogGreen have a particular ...

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    Have you always wanted a Harley, but all you could afford was a Huffy?

    Remember not too long ago when we told you about how the National Federation of the Blind said that all vehicles, powered by gasoline, diesel, electric or a hybrid, should make sound so that blind people know they are coming? What about bikes? Actually, this is supposed to be a protection for ...

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    Wired NextFest Report: Carl Vogel's electric Harley and biodiesel sidecar

    The commute from Rhode Island to Manhattan for NextFest was a short trip for Carl Vogel and his electric Harley-Davidson. His was certainly one of the smaller exhibits in size, but he certainly got a lot of attention. At one point in the afternoon, attendees were 5 rows deep trying to get a look at ...


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