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    Report: Nissan testing new, heat-resistant batteries for Leaf

    As Nissan Leaf sales continue to heat up, the maker of the electric vehicle wants to cool concerns over hot-climate battery issues by making chemical adjustments to battery packs, Green Car Reports says. Nissan executives met with about 10 Leaf owners in Phoenix last week and said the company is ...

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    Report: Nissan buys back two Leafs in Arizona under lemon laws [w/video]

    Hot on the heels of the first Fisker Karma lemon-law buyback, Nissan has confirmed that it bought back two Leaf electric vehicles in Arizona under that state's lemon law in response to ongoing battery issues there. There's a long and vibrant discussion of the situation over on My Nissan Leaf. ...

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    Report: Leaf owners challenge Nissan on "we don't have a battery problem"

    Things appear to be heating up in the desert. Some Nissan Leaf owners aren't buying the automaker's claim that suspected loss of battery capacity stems from issues related to the car's display readings and not fundamental battery issues. To prove the point, about a dozen Leaf drivers are ...


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