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    Helsinki could make owning your own car a thing of the past
    One Account Would Access Carsharing, Public Transport, More 1409262240

    Helsinki, Finland is no stranger to transportation alternatives. From EV testing to a solid public transportation system, the northern European city knows that private cars are not the only option to get around. In the future, though, private cars might not be a logical option at anyone living ...

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    Official: Scarlet Motors collaborates with Helsinki's Electric RaceAbout team

    Frankly, Scarlet, we do give a damn. A new Finnish electric vehicle company called Scarlet has reached a deal with Helsinki's Metropolia University of Applied Science to collaborate on powertrain advancements for Scarlet's sports car. Scarlet was interested in Metropolia's work on the ...

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    Electric Traffic Helsinki Test Bed project proves EVs work just fine at -15F

    From the special cold weather package in the Nissan Leaf to the "sweater and gloves" Chevrolet Volt, it's no secret that battery-powered cars can have some trouble with non-equatorial winter temperatures. The good news is that some of that trouble is overblown fear mongering, as proved by a group ...

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    How to rent a smart on the cheap in Helsinki: sell yourself

    Everywhere you go, you are bombarded by advertisements. It's true when you're watching TV, surfing the internet and even while you're driving. We've all gotten used to seeing billboards on the side of the road, and nobody thinks twice about hearing commercials on the radio - some even pay extra to ...


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