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henry ford

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    Read This: The history of biofuels goes back 300 years

    While the history of electric vehicles has been getting a lot of play lately, biofuels have quite a story to tell as well. Hemmings Daily just featured a brief history overview that's full of surprises – one is that biofuels date back more than 300 years, well before any real internal ...

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    Report: Ford scion invests in Masabi, makers of public transportation ticket app

    If you've ever wanted to joke about something that would make Henry Ford roll over in his grave, this could be the time. The automaker's founder's great-grandson appears to be staking some of his financial future on train tickets. In this case, Bill Ford, Jr. and his venture-capital firm ...

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    American automakers may be about to get burned by high fuel costs

    I was talking to my neighbor yesterday and he told me he's getting ready to trade in his 9-mpg truck for a more economical car. He spends about $120 a week on gas as he commutes to work and he's had it. Turns out, he's not alone.The Detroit Free Press had a story yesterday about a shift in consumer ...

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    The history of biodiesel is longer than you may think

    Blogs are a great way to keep up to date on topics you care about, like green automobile technology. But here at Autoblog Green we want to make clear that while the future looks bright for green cars, biofuels have a long history and the more we know about this history the better we can understand ...


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