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    Official: Toyota will test two big electric delivery trucks in Japan

    In California, "low rider" has long implied a gas-guzzling hot rod. Toyota is now making that term a little more utilitarian in Japan. Toyota, working with Hino Motors and Yamato Transport Co., is testing out a pair of all-electric delivery van that will be used for refrigerated trucking in ...

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    Toyota-Hino-Shell partner on biodiesel hybrid bus trial

    Toyota Motor Corporation has teamed up with Hino Motors Ltd. and Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. to test out a biodiesel formulation on the Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid buses in Japan. The diesel-electric hybrid transit buses will be powered by a Shell-formulated gas-to-liquid (GTL) Fischer-Tropsch ...

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    Wireless Hino hybrid a hit at Haneda

    I was reading the English version of the Asahi Shimbun the other morning when this article caught my attention. There's nothing really new about hybrid buses, even GMC makes them, but how about a plug-in hybrid bus you don't have to plug in. That's something you don't see everyday. At least not yet ...

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    Australia: Hino Hybrid introduced, completes 24-hour endurance trial

    Click image for high-res galleryThis week in Australia, Hino unveiled its very first hybrid truck to the masses at the Queensland truck and machinery Show. The Hino Hybrid uses a parallel setup that combines a 4.0-liter 110kW (150 hp) four-cylinder common-rail turbodiesel with a 23kW electric ...

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    Toyota in Joint Project to Commercialise Second-Generation Biodiesel Fuel

    A joint project to commercialise bio-hydrofined diesel (BHD), a second generation biodiesel fuel, has been announced by partners the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Nippon Oil Corporation (ENEOS), Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors, Ltd. The project was developed as part of the Tokyo ...

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    Toyota's Hino Trucks reportedly bringing hybrid trucks to Australia

    Forbes is covering an unconfirmed report published in the Nikkei that Hino Motors Ltd will release its diesel-electric Dutro Hybrid truck in Australia this month. A local Australian shipping company is also reported to have made the decision to replace its truck fleet with the Dutro Hybrid. The ...

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    Latest hybrids, fuel cells on display at EVS-22

    Toyota, Hino and Daihatsu will showcase their latest hybrids and fuel cell vehicles at the upcoming 22nd International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Symposium & Exposition (EVS-22). The event will take place Oct. 23-28 in Yokohama, Japan. Toyota will have the Lexus GS 450h hybrid and ...


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