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    Read This: Formula E sheds light on history of racecar swapping

    The Formula E electric race series kicks off this month, and we're going to see something somewhat unusual during each ePrix: car swapping. Each race will last around an hour, which, with the demands on the car, is longer than its battery will last. That's why each driver is assigned two cars for ...

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    Report: First US speeding ticket given to electric taxi in 1899, for a blistering 12 mph!

    Apparently, electric vehicles have long tempted drivers to go faster than the law allows. According to a historical tidbit on Today I Found Out, the first-ever speeding ticket handed out in the US was given to a New York City cabbie driving a battery-electric car, all the way back in 1899. Of ...

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    Ford's big battery breakthrough... from 1966

    Battery technology is getting better, it just isn't getting better as quickly as we'd like. Certainly, battery advancements haven't kept pace with the astounding advances in areas like electronics, and it has failed to produce the cheap, capacious, powerful cells we'd like to have for driving our ...

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    A little history lesson: Electric vehicles and battery swaps in the late 1800s

    Electric vehicles have been trying to make it big since the late 1800s, and the story truly seems to be repeating itself today. Take the story of chemist Pedro Salom and inventor Henry Morris. The duo cruised the streets of Philadelphia aboard their 'Electrobat,' one of the first automobiles, on ...

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    Pedal Power: How bikes saved American roads

    2010 Mercedes-Benz Bicycles – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Despite what you may believe after driving through Detroit on I-75, we enjoy an excellent road system here in the United States. Few of us take the time to think about exactly where those roads came from or how the federal ...

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    Small piece of history: 1936 Mercedes 260D, the first successful diesel passenger car

    1936 Mercedes 260D - Click on image for full high-resolution gallery
    digg_url = ''; Rudolf Diesel filed the patent for his signature engine in 1893. However, its installation in a passenger car didn't occur until ...

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    Back in time: a gallery of BMW's electric car prototypes through the years

    Historic BMW Electric Vehicles - Click for high-res image gallery
    Although the closest thing you can get to an electric car at BMW these days is one with Start & Stop technology, a hybrid (in the near future) or, if you're lucky, the Mini E, BMW has a long history of developing electric cars. ...

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    A bit of history: Fiat 147, the first mass-produced ethanol car

    Today, ethanol is not the most favored solution to oil dependency, but it was not always so frowned upon. Here's a car that deserves a place in the history of ethanol's growth. A Brazilian friend of mine pointed to me to the first mass-produced ethanol car (with the exception of the Ford T): the ...

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    Edison's Electric Model T came alive in Young Indiana Jones

    A new Indiana Jones movie is coming to theaters this May. New episodes of the short-lived Young Indiana Jones TV series were released on DVD recently. I caught an episode on the History Channel called Spring Break Adventure which includes a story about an electric car. The plot involves a scientist ...

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    U.S. gas rationing 65 years ago ... and you are there

    Imagine a classic radio announcer's voice in a static-filled newscast. He says:"Ladies and Gentleman: I am standing at a Washington, DC gas station. You can see the cars lining up. Due primarily to a shortage of rubber needed for the war effort, gasoline is to be rationed to avoid unnessary ...

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    Remembering Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV)

    I was a full-time Alt Fuel technology consultant/researcher back in the 1990s. Among my fellow wizards, the PNGV was a big deal. We attended conferences every year or so and watched the Big 3, with federal funding, develop hybrid cars that could meet an 80 MPG target number. They were getting ...

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    Videos, Petersen Auto Museum tour

    This video is a tour of the Peterson Auto Museum's Alternative Fuels exhibit from G4's Attack of the Show. Turbine car, steam car, hybrids, plug-ins and much more. Below the fold is another video tour of the museum. That includes video of an electric car from 1897, nuclear powered car and other ...

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    Ralph Nader - The Early Years

    UPI/Bettman Archive Photo To most of ABG readers, Ralph Nader was the third party candidate that ran for president in 2000 and helped seal the election for Republican candidate George W. Bush. But long ago, in 1959 as a matter of fact, Ralph Nader was a small voice in opposition to ...

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    Automotive History: How did we get here, and where will we go? (Part 1)

    Four out of five automotive experts agree: We must do something to stop impacting our environment due to our driving habits. (Alright, fine, I made that statistic up.) What they disagree about is how to do it. I thought that sharing some history about how we got to the point we are at might ...


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