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    Official: Small solar bike path now open in Holland
    SolaRoad Might Not Be The Best Use Of Solar, But It Sure Is Interesting 1415743320

    There's just something appealing about the idea of a solar-powered road. Letting that ugly ribbon through the countryside generate power, interact smartly with cars, bikes and pedestrians and even charging up your electric car. It all just seems magical, doesn't it? Well, yes, which is why there ...

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    Report: World's cheapest Nissan Leaf costs just $9,460
    Incentives Upon Incentives in Rotterdam Set A New Low Record 1409954220

    If you thought electric vehicles were expensive, head on over to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There, you can buy a Nissan Leaf for the amazingly low price of just 7,450 euros ($9,460 US). Or, if a practical delivery van is more your style, check out the Nissan e-NV200 Visia Flex, which is ...

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    Report: Spirra EV actually headed for production?
    The mysterious South Korean supercar might have a life after all 1402487640

    The Korean supercar from Oullim Motors, called the Spirra, is making headlines again, this time with regards to an electric powertrain. We've known that there were plans for an electric version of the car since 2011, when we saw a Spirra EV in a video showcasing how the cars are built. Now, Dutch ...

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    Official: Tesla expands Supercharger network in central Europe

    While you can't drive a Tesla from the US to Europe, Model S drivers on both sides of the pond are seeing a robust Supercharger network. Today, Tesla announced that enough stations exist in central Europe to get a Model S from Amsterdam to cities 500 or 600 miles away in the Alps. As in the US, ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S sales in Germany lag behind Leaf, Zoe, Smart ED

    In some European countries – Iceland and Norway – the Tesla Model S is doing quite well. In others, according to the International Business Times, early indications are that interest in the world's best-selling luxury EV are a bit muted. The numbers from IBT indicate that Tesla's ...

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    Report: Detroit Electric moving SP:01 EV production to Holland

    The plans that the revived Detroit Electric company made headlines with when it announced the all-electric SP:01 sports car were, at best, optimistic. To go from concept to starting production in half a year was always a going to be a challenging proposition, so we were hardly surprised when it ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S goes 388 miles on 'normal' drive in Holland

    You can't chalk this one up to Dutch windmills and an extra push they may have theoretically given an electric car. Instead it's just plain electric power. A team of students from the Netherlands was able to wring a whopping 388 miles out of a Tesla Model S on a single charge, but instead of any ...

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    Report: Dutch gas station owners sue EV charging providers over what defines 'fuel'

    It's not all peaceful windmills and gorgeous tulips in the Netherlands. There's fighting on the plug-in vehicle front. Dutch gas-station owners are taking a less-then beatific-attitude to the country's recent agreement to expand its network of electric-vehicle charging stations. In short, they're ...

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    Official: Holland ready to move forward with Fastned fast-charging network

    ABB, the world's largest maker of power-transmission gear, got the nod to make chargers for a Dutch charging network designed to ensure that all of the nearly 17 million citizens in the Netherlands are within a 50-kilometer (31-mile) drive of a fast-charging station. Even better, the Fastned ...

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    Official: Holland's plan to go EV-tastic is working

    Holland has become a bellwether for electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure development. The numbers certainly are not staggering – about 7,500 on the roads throughout the Netherlands – but they did increase eightfold last year and charging posts are showing up in cities ...

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    Official: Tesla will assemble, distribute vehicles in Holland for European market

    Later this month, Tesla Motors will open its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Holland, and will start stocking the stocking the site with Tesla Roadster and Model S parts as it prepares to start distribution in continental Europe next year. The 200,000-square-foot factory will support ...

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    Official: Fisker sets 'world record' with 45 Karmas charging at once in Holland

    For those existentialists who've ever wondered what's the sound of 45 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids recharging, now we know. Forty-five Fisker Karma owners in the Netherlands staged what organizers are saying is the world's largest simultaneous re-charge of "single-brand electric ...

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    Utrecht to start parking meter revolution with cell phones, GPS and green credentials

    While paying for your parking meter using a cell phone is not a new thing, the Dutch city of Utrecht has announced a program that goes a step beyond. From April 1st 2010, citizens parking their cars in this city will need only a cell phone and their registration number connected to a nation-wide ...

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    Fiat launches pricy new special-edition 500 Abarth Competizione

    Fiat 500 Abarth Competizione – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Cars may be getting smaller, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily getting cheaper. As if to prove that point, Fiat has thumbed its nose at the Tata Nano with a special 500 that packs a big price tag in a small ...

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    Think City might cost $49,500 (U.S.) in Holland, without leasing the battery

    Click above for a gallery of the Th!nk City
    A few more details about the 500 Th!nk City electric vehicles that are headed for Holland. AutoblogGreen reader Matthijs wrote in with the following:This morning (11:00 CET) I contacted ElmoNet with some questions about the Think City. While they are ...

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    Th!nk to sell 500 EVs to Dutch leasing company, if they get cash to build

    Click above for a gallery of the Th!nk City in Detroit
    Th!nk may be struggling financially but that doesn't mean they aren't trying. After announcing last week its intention to set up U.S. manufacturing next year, the Norwegian company has just inked a deal to sell 500 units of its City EV. The ...

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    VIDEO: Awesome Mobility ReCharge concept is awesome!

    While a future with electric cars on the roads seems quite certain now, the charging infrastructure being put in place is mostly of the slow variety. For those in a hurry, though, help may be on the way. The Deflt University of Technology in Holland seems to be spawning another group intent on ...

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    Neste oil to build $1 billion biodiesel plant in Rotterdam Holland

    Neste Oil has announced plans to build a new biomass-to-liquid diesel plant in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The plant will produce what the company calls NExBTL renewable diesel fuel at the rate of 800,000 tonnes per year after it begins operating in 2011. Neste will spend about €670 million ...

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    Satellite-based road tax in the Netherlands in 2011

    It's easy to argue that road taxes are quite unfair because they're flat: You pay fees to drive around; it doesn't matter how much you actually use the car.The Netherlands has decided to improve the country's road tax by taxing according to the vehicle type, usage, hour and roads the vehicle is ...

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    Ford calls Dutch DPF retrofitting program a success

    Ford in the Netherlands has declared its campaign to retrofit older cars with DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) a success. More than 9,000 motorists chose to install the soot-reducing devices in their vehicles, and they got them almost for free: Ford reduced the price of the DPF so it would match ...


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