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    Official: Expensive Cadillac ELR at least comes with free Level 2 home charger

    "But wait, there's more!" Anyone who's watched late-night television is familiar with the telltale phrase of a spokesman looking to reel in a potential customer who may otherwise be disinterested in what's being advertised. Now, General Motors, faced with selling the first Cadillac extended-range ...

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    Report: Only one month left for tax credits on home EV chargers in US

    The number 13 may be considered bad fortune for the superstitious, but it's the year '14 when plug-in vehicle drivers who had been looking to get a little extra tax love from the federal government will really feel out of luck. The clock is ticking through the end of the month (and the year) on ...

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    Official: Fiat partners with Aerovironment for 500e home charging

    As suspected, AeroVironment has just partnered up with its fifth major automaker, inking a deal with Fiat to be its preferred supplier for the all-electric Fiat 500e. That makes five automakers that have chosen AeroVironment as its home charging partner – the other four being Nissan, BMW, ...

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    Video: All-electric Smart ED might be cause of house fire in Florida [w/video] *UPDATE

    Reports are still understandably sparse, but News Press is reporting that a fire at a home in a gated community in Estero, FL might have been caused by either an all-electric Smart Fortwo Electric Drive or its charging station. At the very least, the "Smart car was so badly torched that fire ...

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    Official: Home Depot website offers Schneider Electric's Level 2 EV charging station

    Home Depot on Wednesday started selling Level 2 electric-vehicle charging stations made by Illinois-based Schneider Electric on its website, as the world's biggest home-improvement retailer looks to capitalize on growing EV sales and the need for home-based chargers. Schneider Electric's EVlink ...

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    Aerovironment gets UL approval for home electric car charger

    Prospective Nissan Leaf buyers will be glad to hear that Aerovironment has just received approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for its EVSE-RS home charging station. Aerovironment is the preferred partner for Nissan's electric vehicle program. The UL listing allows Nissan and Aerovironment ...

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    GE unveils pricing, updates rollout schedule for Wattstation electric vehicle chargers

    GE WattStation – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Last week, GE unveiled the WattStation, the company's new smart-grid-connected Level 2 charger that gets its unique look from industrial designer Yves Behar. Though the WattStation is impressive to gaze upon, we're much more interested ...

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    Another cost of going electric: Installing home charging gear

    Chevrolet Volt home charging – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It doesn't matter if you are switching from Windows to Mac, AT&T to Verizon or cable to satellite, there are usually some unanticipated costs associated with the change. The same goes with switching from gasoline to ...


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