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honda civic gx

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    Natural gas Honda Civic GX retains Cali HOV lane access

    Californians seeking solo-driving access to the state's High Occupancy Vehicle lanes need look no further than the Honda Civic GX, a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle that's permitted to use HOV lanes until January 2015. Right now, Honda is the only automaker that sells a CNG-fueled ...

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    Honda Civic Natural Gas gets a world premiere in New York

    The all-new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas is being displayed to the public for the first time ever at the 2011 New York Auto Show, but it's not exactly easy to spot. In fact, the Civic Natural Gas (formerly called the Civic GX) looks pretty much like any of the other Civics on the stand – ...

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    2012 Honda Civic launches with new HF model; hybrid goes lithium

    2012 Honda Civic Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    That's right, this is the 2012 Honda Civic in all its glory. Though it might be difficult to tell with just a casual glance, this Civic is brand-new, sharing practically nothing but its moniker with the previous generation. ...

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    ACEEE names Honda Civic GX, Nissan Leaf Greenest Vehicles of 2011

    Last year, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ranked the natural gas-burning Honda Civic GX as the greenest vehicle of 2010. Well, that CNG-fed Civic, which is only available in a handful of states, has topped the charts yet again. With a green score of 54, the Civic GX ...

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    Study: Global natural gas vehicle sales to hit 3.2m annually by 2016

    2012 Honda Civic Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At this year's Detroit Auto Show, Honda displayed concept version of the ninth-generation Civic Coupe and Sedan. Additionally, the Japanese automaker confirmed that its CNG-fueled Civic GX model will be released, for ...

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    Honda considers doubling production of CNG-powered Civic GX

    2010 Honda Civic GX – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When assembling a list of green cars from Honda, the usual suspects include vehicles like the Insight, Civic Hybrid and perhaps even the FCX Clarity. Often overlooked, though no less green, is the natural gas-fueled Civic GX. In ...

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    Honda FCX Clarity, Civic GX still get HOV lane access in California

    Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Recently California passed a rule that extended access to the state's carpool lanes for zero and ultra low emission vehicles until 2015. Part of that regulation update included the phase-out of access ...

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    Honda cites tougher fuel economy standards for delay in launch of new Civic

    2009 Honda Civic coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda Motor Company almost religiously follows a five-year redesign schedule. Like clockwork, once every five years, a new Honda Civic is born... but not this time. If the five-year plan was still on schedule, we would be ...

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    White House Correspondents Assoc to get gas free transport from Honda, Chevrolet

    As the White House Correspondents Association gathers in the nation's capitol this weekend to celebrate its coverage (such as it is) of the government, many of them will be shuttled around in gasoline free vehicles. Honda has stepped up to the plate with a fleet of vehicles that includes mostly ...

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    Oklahoma is newest market for natural-gas burning Honda GX

    The only factory-built natural gas-fueled car currently offered in the United States is now a little bit more available. Cheap natural gas costs and state incentives have led Honda to start offering the Civic GX to retail customers in Oklahoma. Previously, the car had only been available in ...

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    CNG-fueled Honda Civic GX ranked #1 on ACEEE greenest vehicle list. Again

    When most Americans think of green cars from Honda, the models that typically come to mind are the Insight and Civic Hybrids, or maybe the FCX Clarity. Few think of the natural gas-fueled Civic GX, probably because not many have ever heard of it. One group that has heard of the GX is the American ...

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    What's up with natural gas vehicles?

    2009 Honda Civic GX
    One thing we try to do with our weekly series of Greenlings articles is answer reader questions about the green car industry (if you've got a burning need to know something, please let us know). Considering today's news that the Honda Civic GX is now available for sale in ...

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    Honda Civic GX enters third market in Utah

    Somewhere, perhaps, T. Boone Pickens is smiling. Honda's natural gas-powered Civic GX – the only passenger vehicle powered by this fuel available for sale in the U.S. – just increased its area of availability by a third. Until now, you could only buy the GX in California (since 2006) ...

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    Fuelmaker goes bankrupt, Honda to blame?

    Fuelmaker, the company that creates the PHILL compressed natural gas filling stations for residential and commercial use, has just been driven into involuntary bankruptcy. You may recall that Fuelmaker is owned by Honda, which had been in negotiations last year to sell the company to a number of ...

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    Honda intentionally limiting sales of its Civic GX?

    We're suckers for a good conspiracy theory, and we've stumbled upon one involving getting our nations off imported oil. Perfect! After reading through it, though, we're a little less enthusiastic. The whole thing centers around the Honda Civic GX, which is powered by natural gas as opposed to ...

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    Edmunds Inside Line has a Civic GX in their long-term fleet

    All the way back in December of last year, ABG blogger Mike Magda was able to arrange a test drive of the Honda Civic GX, which is the version of the car which runs on natural gas. Mike shared a few thoughts with us about the car which you can find here. But, what would it be like to live with the ...


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