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honda odyssey

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    Report: Honda Odyssey hybrid under consideration in Japan, but not US

    "Over time you can expect to see broader application of our two motor hybrid system" - Sage Marie The idea of a hybrid minivan is not new, at least in Japan. Toyota sells the Estima - the world's first hybrid minivan, it has been available since 2001 - and the Aphard hybrids there. The US is ...

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    Report: Honda's large-car hybrid system getting closer

    2009 Honda Skydeck Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda has never had quite the success with its various hybrid automobiles as cross-town rival Toyota, despite the fact that the two Japanese automakers introduced their first gasoline/electric models around the same time. ...

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    Today is AFV (alternative fuel vehicle) day

    Every two years, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) runs a series of events called National AFV Day Odyssey (the AFV stands for alternative fuel vehicles). The 2008 date for the day is, well, today and the idea is to coordinate support for the alternative fuel vehicle ...

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    Honda getting 3 more hybrids and 3 diesels in the next few years

    Honda has always had one of the cleanest and most efficient model lineups in the U.S. market and they look set to continue that trend over the next several years. We already knew that the Japanese automaker would be adding three more hybrids to its lineup over the next two years: the five-door ...

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    Honda Stream wagon could be coming to the US market

    Given the current market conditions every automaker is looking at how to get more smaller vehicles into the US market quickly. The obvious answer for Japanese brands is to bring over some of the compact models that have always been the mainstream in their home market. For Honda vehicles like the ...

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    Prius vs. Odyssey mileage test; one better than expected, the other worse

    A South Florida CBS TV station followed a Toyota Prius and a Honda Odyssey around town for a day, checking the actual mileage against manufacturer claims. The Toyota measured in at 52mpg while the minivan dropped to 11mpg. The Prius actually got better than the 50mpg mileage expected by the TV ...


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