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    Video: Back To The Future 'hoverboard' now available on IndieGoGo [w/video]

    Know what today is? It's two years from the time when Jaws 19 is supposed to hit cinema screens around the country. If that doesn't happen (and, looking at IMDB, we're not that hopeful), at least we can ride a hoverboard, the way that Marty McFly does in the classic sequel. Or, well, maybe not ...

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    New Go-Ped high performance stealth scooter could fight crime, traffic

    Improved Go-Ped Hoverboard – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It seems Go-Ped has a new secret weapon. An improved variant of their Hoverboard that could help fighting both crime and traffic was just revealed to the company's Facebook fans. The prototype high performance portable ...

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    Go-Ped goes farther with lithium ion battery option

    When you hear the brand "Go-Ped" mentioned it may bring to mind a cool stand-up scooter with a tiny buzzy two-stroke engine powering the rear wheel and that is indeed the type of vehicle that Patmont Motor Werx has been best known for these past 24 years. However, since 2004 they have been ...

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    Researchers in Scotland discover levitation effect. No more friction?

    Let's be honest here... when one brings up the gecko in a car related discussion, the first thing that you think of is Geico, right? If your answer was yes, the marketing team for the insurance company gets a high-five from us. But, we are not going to be discussing insurance today, but something ...

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    Japan set to introduce magnetic levitation trains by 2025

    Remember the hoverboards from Back to the Future? Alright, this is just like that, except totally different. You see, both the hoverboards and these magnetic levitation (maglev) trains use magnetism to lift a few inches off the ground, or track, removing that nasty stumbling block of efficiency: ...


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