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    Official: More than 700 people have pre-ordered the single-seat Colibri EV

    The "Hummingbird" has created quite a buzz. Since unveiling the single-seat Colibri electric vehicle, Innovative Mobility Automobile GmbH (IMA) has collected more than 700 pre-orders, according to the company. If those prospective customers make good, Colibri will sell out of the vehicle in 2015, ...

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    DBM Energy's record-breaking KOLIBRI battery passes government tests [w/VIDEO]

    When DBM Energy made its record-breaking drive from Munich to Berlin, Germany on a single charge of the KOLIBRI Alpha Polymer battery, there was a lot of skepticism expressed. Even more so when the technology platform, an Audi A2 conversion, was lost to a mysterious fire. Undaunted, the company ...

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    Controversy, skepticism surround DBM 375-mile battery

    Say a company claims it has a battery pack that has set an amazing range record but then the vehicle that the battery powered ends up destroyed in a warehouse fire. What would you think? Well, this is the exact scenario that DBM Energy GmbH is facing. DBM and Lekker Energie, using funds from ...

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    Converted Audi A2 claims new electric vehicle distance record: 372 miles

    Lekker Mobil electric Audi A2 with DBM Energy batteries – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Berlin energy supplier Lekker Energie and battery company DBM Energy have teamed up to electrify an Audi A2 and take it on an attention-getting 605 km (379.9 mile) journey from Munich to Berlin, ...


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