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hybrid battery pack

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    Report: Lost power in a winter storm? Just hook up a Toyota Prius like this guy did

    The Toyota Prius' battery pack just got something like a five-star rating from a truly seasoned professional – a 50-year aircraft technician. Bob Osemlak, who'd served more than three of those five decades with the Canadian Air Force, brought electricity back to his home in December during ...

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    China controls key ingredient for NiMH batteries, supply may run short as hybrids gain popularity

    Lanthanides. What are they and why do we care about them? Well, lanthanides are rare-earth metals that are a key ingredient in nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. More specifically, lanthanides make up an entire row on the periodic table which includes 15 elements, some of which are utilized ...

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    Toyota: if you need them, Prius replacement batteries are "no big deal"

    click for more images of the 2009 Toyota Prius
    As the first batch of Priuses sold in the United States reach their get ready to turn eight in 2009, the battery replacement issue is going to pop up more and more. We noted back in September that Toyota had dropped the price of a new pack a few ...

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    ABG speaks with PowerGenix about NiZn batteries

    Click above to enlargeWe recently got on the phone with Dan Squiller from PowerGenix, a company which hopes to "revolutionize the battery industry" with its new nickel-zinc batteries. The firm's batteries will soon make an appearance in power tools and in lawn and garden machinery, with ebikes, ...


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