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hybrid minivan

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    What we think we know about Chrysler's plug-in hybrid minivan, CUV

    When the 2016 Town & Country comes to Chrysler dealerships, it will sport something no production minivan has ever had: a plug. That was on bit of news hidden in the massive Fiat Chrysler (FCA) product preview held in Detroit on Tuesday. All FCA would say about the minivan was that the Town ...

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    Report: Honda Odyssey hybrid under consideration in Japan, but not US

    "Over time you can expect to see broader application of our two motor hybrid system" - Sage Marie The idea of a hybrid minivan is not new, at least in Japan. Toyota sells the Estima - the world's first hybrid minivan, it has been available since 2001 - and the Aphard hybrids there. The US is ...

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    Quick Spin: Toyota Estima Hybrid Minivan

    You know how they say someone should make a hybrid minivan? Well someone does and it's Toyota and the product in question is called the Estima. In fact, Toyota has been selling the gas-electric people mover in Japan for over a decade, putting the world's first hybrid minivan on sale in 2001. The ...

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    Official: Chrysler delivers first plug-in minivans in $26m demonstration project

    OK, so these really may be the world's coolest minivans. Chrysler has deployed four plug-in hybrid-electric Town & Country minivans to the city of Auburn Hills, MI as part of a $26-million demonstration project. Chrylser says it plans for each minivan to rack up 16,800 miles during the ...

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    Spy Shots: Are you the Toyota Prius minivan?

    Even though we've been hearing various rumblings across the interwebs for quite some time now that Toyota was hard at work crafting a mini-minivan version of its popular Pruis hybrid hatchback, it always helps assuage the skeptics when spy shots start to show up. And that's exactly what we have ...

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    Peugeot-Citroen considers exporting diesel hybrid minivan beyond Europe, U.S. not part of plan

    Peugeot 3008 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If we told you that an automaker has a diesel hybrid minivan that emits just 99 grams per kilometer of CO2, offers up 200 horsepower and returns nearly 57 miles per gallon, would you be interested in buying it? We can bet that for many, ...

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    Prius minivan a real game changer for Toyota, way more than just another hybrid

    Toyota Hybrid X Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Late last week, the Nikkei newspaper reported that Toyota will indeed produce a hybrid minivan wearing the Prius badge. The minivan is expected sometime in 2011 and will likely become the first Toyota production vehicle ...

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    Report: Toyota Prius minivan coming in 2011

    Toyota Hybrid X Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've been hearing the rumors for over a year, and it's now looking increasingly likely that Toyota is getting ready to launch a new hybrid minivan that will wear the Prius nameplate. If true, this would be the first ...

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    Rumormill: More powerful Honda hybrid coupe in the works?

    Mugen Honda CR-Z – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A mainstream hybrid that's fun to drive. That's a novel concept, to be sure, and one targeted by Honda in the marching papers for the CR-Z coupe, which is offered with a sporty six-speed manual gearbox and is supposed to be the ...

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    REPORT: Honda plans a return to larger hybrids

    2009 Honda Skydeck Concept - Click above for hi-res image gallery
    To put it mildly, sales of the Honda Accord Hybrid never quite set the world on fire. Regardless, Japan's Second Largest Automaker is reportedly hard at work developing its proprietary Integrated Motor Assist hybrid platform so ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Prius minivan on the works?

    Many reports forecast that hybrid powertrains will be present in all car segments in the coming years. But not much has been said about using hybrid powertrains in minivans (a few things here and there, but that's it). Since soccer moms (and dads!) could surely use savings at the pump, a rumor on ...

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    Could a hybrid MPV - based on the iQ or the Prius - be coming from Toyota?

    Toyota is definitely working on a small, 7-seat multi-purpose vehicle. This much we know. What we're still unsure about is what underpinnings the diminutive MPV would use. According to Auto Express, there are factions within Toyota that suggest the iQ would make the perfect starting point for just ...


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