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hydrogen cars

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    Is ammonia the secret to better hydrogen cars?
    British Scientists Think The Answer Is Yes 1404136740

    Hydrogen cars are on their way, and they aren't bringing harmful emissions with them. That doesn't mean they aren't without their problems. There are safety concerns about storing it under high pressure, whether that's inside the car or in a tank at the fueling station, for example. Also, the ...

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    We catch up with the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive in the States

    Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell World drive recently rolled into Hollywood, CA, a full 5,651 miles from where we last parted ways with the round-the-world hydrogen-promoting caravan. After we left the driver's seat in ...

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    Toyota, SunHydro to test 10 Highlander fuel cell vehicles in Connecticut this fall

    Toyota FCHV-adv – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has agreed to supply 10 of its FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicles to SunHydro for a test program in Connecticut starting this fall. The FCHV-adv is the latest generation of Toyota's fuel cell development platform and is based on the ...

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    UK's largest on-road test of hydrogen cars kicks off in 2012

    Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The city of Leicester will kick off the UK's largest on-road test of hydrogen vehicles in 2012. At a whopping 30 vehicles, largest is certainly still small in relative terms, but it's a start. The H2 cars, provided ...

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    Toyota aims for $50,000 production hydrogen sedan by 2015

    Third-gen Toyota FCHV-adv – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota is undoubtedly known more for its hybrid vehicles than its hydrogen-powered cars, but that could tilt just a little if the company can make good on claims of a production-ready hydrogen sedan for around $50,000. ...

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    Editorial: Henderson's fuel cell 10X cost comments are out of context

    The other day we reported on an interview with General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson published in the Washington Post. While most of the discussion focused on the bailout and bankruptcy, from the perspective of this site, the main items of interest were Henderson's responses to questions relating ...

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    Energy Secretary Steven Chu plans to ensure hydrogen funds invested wisely

    Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery
    United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu doesn't think that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the best technology to funnel research and development funds into. Still, Chu doesn't plan to continue fighting with the lawmakers in Congress ...

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    Japanese oil, gas companies will tackle hydrogen fueling infrastructure

    Toyota Highlander FCV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    A consortium of 13 Japanese oil and gas companies are joining forces in an effort to commercialize technologies enabling hydrogen vehicles to be conveniently refueled by 2015. Coincidentally (or not), that date goes hand-in-hand with ...

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    What's "a dead end from a technological, practical, and climate perspective"? Hydrogen fuel cell cars

    Honda FCX Clarity - Click above image for high-res gallery
    Joe Romm has long battled with vocal hydrogen vehicle proponent Gerg Blencoe on the value of H2 vehicles. They've made bets, given suggestions, and just plain disagreed about everything when it comes to hydrogen vs. plug-in electric ...

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    Hydrogen Road Tour: How can H2 cars can go 1,700 miles? Use a tanker truck

    The Hydrogen Road Tour is scheduled to roll into the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 here in Vancouver tomorrow after 1,700 miles and nine days on the road. But, with the range of even the best hydrogen vehicles in the hundreds of miles and H2 stations not exactly around every corner, we were curious ...

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    Institute of Mechanical Engineers: Electric cars aren't enough (w/POLL)

    According to a recent survey from the Royal Automobile Club Foundation in the UK, there will be lots of people who want to buy electric vehicles but are going to get frustrated by the long delay in getting EVs ready for mass consumption. That's a problem, but the Institute of Mechanical Engineers ...

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    Malcolm Bricklin has hydrogen visions for displaced Chrysler and GM dealerships

    Add serial entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin to the list of people interested in getting a crack at the 2,000 or so automotive dealerships that are scheduled to be shut down by either General Motors or Chrysler in short order. Unlike most other interested parties, though, Bricklin's plan would also ...

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    Byron McCormick resigns after DoE terminates funding for fuel cells

    Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for a gallery
    Last week, the federal government decided to shift the focus away from hydrogen and onto plug-in vehicles. This week, J. Byron McCormick has resigned from the U.S. Energy Department's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee to protest this ...

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    Clarkson explains himself in written Tesla review, loves hydrogen

    Click above to watch the video
    Just when we thought the whole sordid ordeal was over and done with, Jeremy Clarkson has stirred the pot again, this time in print for his regular column at the Times. We're referring once again to the Top Gear review of the Tesla Roadster, which sparked controversy ...

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    VIDEO: Top Gear tests the Honda FCX Clarity

    Click above to watch the video
    Earlier today, we showed you Top Gear's first test of the Tesla Roadster. In that clip, it was alluded to that there would be something later in the same episode that would render the Roadster completely irrelevant. Here it is: the Honda FCX Clarity, which is also ...

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    SEMA 2008: Ronn Motors shows off its Scorpion

    Click above for high-res live shots of the Ronn Motors Scorpion at SEMA
    Ronn Motors has delivered on at least one of its ambitious promises by delivering a real concept car to the SEMA Show that's currently taking place in Las Vegas. For its next trick, the fledgling automaker will try and ...

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    First Drive: Daimler F-Cell, Hyundai FCEV, Toyota FCHV and GM HydroGen4

    Click above for more shots of the GM HydroGen4 fuel cell Equinox
    The hydrogen economy seems to be very far away into the future, if it ever comes to fruition at all. If hydrogen is going to make a significant impact as a major source of energy, an infrastructure for getting the hydrogen to ...

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    Honda sabotaging its own FCX Clarity?

    Click above for more shots of the Honda FCX Clarity
    Hold on to your hats and get ready for two conspiracy theories regarding two of Honda's green car projects. That's right, and they both come from the same source, a man named Edwin Black. While the first theory questioning Honda's true green ...

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    First keys delivered to customer for Honda FCX Clarity

    The very first set of keys for Honda's brand new FCX Clarity have been delivered to film producer Ron Yerxa and Annette Ballester. The duo took delivery of their new hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity on Friday, July 25, 2008 at Honda of Santa Monica. Now that the first production second-gen ...

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    Popular Mechanics to debunk the "run your car on water" myth

    A quick Google search is all that is required to find hundreds of stories of people who claim to have increased their fuel mileage by installing a hydrogen generator which extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water and funnels the gas into the engine. Some of the claims are pretty wild, and the ...


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