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hydrogen economy

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    Study: Affordable hydrogen will require fracking, cheap natural gas [w/video]
    UC Davis Finds Prospects For H2 Are Good, But There's A Catch 1408055280

    *UPDATE: As our commentors have pointed out, it costs less than 10 cents a mile to drive an EV today. We apologize for the error. Earlier this week, Toyota Motor Sales' senior vice president of automotive operations, Bob Cater, predicted that the cost to refuel a hydrogen vehicle would be around ...

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    Toyota, SunHydro to test 10 Highlander fuel cell vehicles in Connecticut this fall

    Toyota FCHV-adv – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has agreed to supply 10 of its FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicles to SunHydro for a test program in Connecticut starting this fall. The FCHV-adv is the latest generation of Toyota's fuel cell development platform and is based on the ...

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    SunHydro, Proton Energy get to work on east coast Hybrogen Highway

    When hydrogen cars become available to the general public, they will start in California. This is pretty much an accepted truth among people who follow the green car scene today, but SunHydro/Proton Energy thinks that truth needs to be changed to include the east coast. In January, SunHydro ...

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    Israeli researchers develop small, lightweight hydrogen storage tech

    Just a few days ago, we told you about Germany's commitment of $2 billion for the construction of at least 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations. A month ago, we learned about London's decision to build a network of hydrogen filling stations in time for the 2012 Olympics. But, outside of California's ...

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    Study: hydrogen proponents rely on "five distinct fantasy themes"

    What is the hydrogen economy all about? For once, we're not talking about what sort of infrastructure will be required or at what price point H2 vehicles make sense. Nope, this time the discussion a little less specific and goes into the figurative aspects of what the hydrogen economy is all ...

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    Hydrogen cars + math. Worth the trouble?

    I'm starting to think that the "hydrogen advocate" Greg Blencoe (always an AutoblogGreen fave) might be working against the hydrogen industry. In a new post on his Hydrogen Car Revolution blog, he responds to five energy efficiency arguments against hydrogen fuel cell cars. The problem? His ...

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    Nissan helps kick off UK-Hynet Project, Britain's new hydrogen infrastructure network

    A new project to create a nationwide Hydrogen fueling infrastructure in Great Britain had its kickoff meeting at Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) in Bedfordshire. The project is called UK-HyNet and aims to create a complete infrastructure to support the hydrogen economy by 2015. According to ...

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    Priming the comment pump: Hydrogen advocate calls out pro-plug-in ABG readers [w/POLL]

    Toyota FCHV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Regular AutoblogGreen readers will probably be familiar with the name Greg Blencoe. He's known around here as a big proponent of hydrogen vehicles, and apparently believes that everyone else should love the H2, too. Blencoe has just written a ...

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    Finding the local angle: DOE's hydrogen funding cut will hurt South Carolina

    Earlier this month, President Obama and DOE Secretary Chu announced big cuts to DOE hydrogen-powered car programs. The funding cut was hailed by many and panned by some in the larger argument about what the national priorities should be, but it will also have consequenses in local communities, ...

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    Hydrogen advocate responds to DOE funding cut

    GM HydroGen4 fuel cell Equinox - Click above for gallery
    AutoblogGreen reader responses to the huge cut in DOE hydrogen vehicle spending was mixed, but mostly in favor of shifting limited federal money away from H2 and into batteries and cars with plugs. Strong hydrogen vehicle advocate Greg ...

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    Oh, if only the beautiful FCX Clarity came with a plug

    Click above for a gallery of the FCX Clarity
    The LA Times' Dan Neil loves electric cars. He also loves just how beautiful the Honda FCX Clarity is. What he doesn't like is that the Clarity uses a hydrogen fuel cell. Plug In America's Paul Scott, writing as an individual, not on behalf of PIA, I ...

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    Economic downturn hits the hydrogen economy

    If some governments proudly say that the way out of our economic problems is by investing in new technologies, here's a story that shows that they might not be right. One important player in the so-called "hydrogen economy," Air Products (previous posts), is dealing with the hard times by laying ...

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    Dieter Zetsche sees fuel cells on our roads in 5-8 years

    GM isn't the only one ready for a lot of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Daimler chairman Dieter "Dr. Z" Zetsche believes that the technology for fuel cell vehicles is here today and that vehicles using the hydrogen-for-energy system will be available in five to eight years time. Zetsche also believes ...

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    Penn State's "revolution in solar hydrogen"

    The idea of using solar power to split hydrogen from water is one that many propose will make the hydrogen economy a reality. Naysayers point out that the solar power might be better spent just charging up electric cars or providing power to homes. But, what if there was a better way to use ...

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    Why you will never drive a hydrogen car

    If you go to promotional events (like the public ride & drive that was part of the EDTA conference last year and pictured at right), you can drive hydrogen fuel cell vehicles around the block. If you're really lucky, you can go 300 miles in one. But if you can't make these event - and you're ...

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    Guardian Unlimited on the snags in the hydrogen ecnomy

    Recently, Bibi van der Zee, a writer for the Guardian Unlimited, took a test drive in one of BMW's Hydrogen 7s. It's a damn comfortable ride, as I experienced at the AFVI conference a few months ago. Van der Zee calls the chance "irresistible," but quickly confronted the question (as we all must ...

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    Will China lead the world in making the first hydrogen infrastructure a reality?

    Just yesterday, Sam wrote about the environmental clean-up measures that are taking place in China. These clean-up measures are necessary because China is on the development fast-track, so to speak. The country is being built up at an extremely rapid pace, much like the United States was during ...

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    Orlando gas station testing hydrogen-making device

    A Virginia company, H2Gen, makes a hydrogen-extraction device that basically (very basically) sucks the hydrogen right out of natural gas (see the graph for a (somewhat) more detailed explanation). An Orlando Chevron station has acquired one of their units and is currently testing the viability of ...

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    Greg Blencoe and Dr. James G. Blencoe work on hydrogen problems

    Greg Blencoe, CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, asks us to "do the right thing" in his message urging us to begin our transition into the hydrogen economy now. He believes that the transition from fossil-fuels to hydrogen will cost $100 trillion, and can be done by the year 2020. We all know that it ...

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    Robert Zubrin: America needs to abandon the false promise of the hydrogen age

    I almost feel silly doing it, as it has been covered ad nauseam, but here is a list of a few of hydrogen's pluses and minuses, courtesy of Robert Zubrin., author of The New Atlantis, Good: Hydrogen is super abundant Hydrogen burns clean Hydrogen fuel cells emit only water Bad: ...


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