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hydrogen fueling station

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    Official: Sandia finds hydrogen easier to store, sell than we thought

    Setting up a safe and convenient hydrogen infrastructure might not be as difficult as many thought, according to a study by Sandia National Laboratories. In fact, many existing gas stations offer a suitable footprint to store and dispense gaseous hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. The Sandia study ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Formula E comes to London, hydrogen fueling comes to Denmark
    California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Survives 1404318480

    Denmark will get four new hydrogen fueling stations from Air Liquide. The French company will put two of the hydrogen stations in Copenhagen, one in Aalborg and the fourth in Vejle. The new fueling stations are in addition to two already existing sites in Copenhagen and Holstebro. Read more at ...

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    Even without H2 cars, Honda opens UK's first public-access hydrogen station

    UK drivers wishing to skip battery electric vehicles while maintaining "zero-emissions" motoring now have a new alternative since Honda has opened the UK's first public-access hydrogen refueling station. Ironically, no automakers offer a fuel cell vehicle in the UK, not even Honda. At the ...

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    Pike predicts more than 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations operational by 2020

    According to a report from Pike Research, more than 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations will be operational worldwide by 2020, up from just 200 stations in 2010. The research firm forecasts that, by the end of 2020, annual investments in hydrogen stations will soar to $1.6 billion, with ten-year ...

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    Daimler, Linde to install 20 hydrogen fueling stations in Germany

    Daimler, in cooperation with The Linde Group, is pressing forward with the development of a hydrogen fueling infrastructure in Germany. Over the next three years, the two firms will install an additional 20 hydrogen stations across the nation. This initiative links in with the existing H2 ...

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    Mercedes-Benz asks governments for more hydrogen infrastructure

    Mercedes-Benz is keen on fuel cell technology and has developed a fuel cell B-Class with an impressive 249-mile range (you should get something for your $849 a month – see it in action here). During a media presentation at the Detroit Auto Show recently, Mercedes announced that a fleet of ...

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    Toyota, SunHydro to test 10 Highlander fuel cell vehicles in Connecticut this fall

    Toyota FCHV-adv – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has agreed to supply 10 of its FCHV-adv fuel cell vehicles to SunHydro for a test program in Connecticut starting this fall. The FCHV-adv is the latest generation of Toyota's fuel cell development platform and is based on the ...

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    General Motors to establish pilot hydrogen infrastructure in Hawaii

    Hawaii is set to get the first hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the United States thanks to a pilot project announced today by General Motors and The Gas Company. The Gas Company is the local natural gas and propane utility on the island state. Hawaii makes an ideal location for testing new ...

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    Germany commits $2 billion for at least 1,000 hydrogen stations

    Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The hype for hydrogen as a fuel has quieted down substantially over the past two years as momentum for building out a fueling network has ground to a halt. The global economic crisis and skepticism from ...

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    Society of Automotive Engineers issues gaseous hydrogen fueling standard

    An important part of the work of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) revolves around establishing standards for automotive design. These standards help engineers design in compatibility so that vehicles can co-exist in the automotive eco-system. Last year, SAE established the J1772 standard ...

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    Honda unveils new solar-powered hydrogen generating and fueling station

    Honda next-generation solar hydrogen station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda remains firmly committed to the hydrogen fuel cell as the best long-term solution to zero emissions mobility. However, the automaker is also cognizant of the issues involved with trying to build out ...

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    32 operational hydrogen fueling stations open in America, more planned

    Like I said, it must be hydrogen week around here. The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy subsection sent out an email yesterday announcing, among other things, that there are now 32 hydrogen fueling stations open in America, and 19 more are on the way. The growing ...


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