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    Official: California readies big 'red carpet' for hydrogen cars, H2 stations

    The Golden State is sinking some serious green into its hydrogen-refueling infrastructure. But California says it's rolling out the red carpet for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Maybe we'll get our colors straight eventually. With a goal to have 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on California ...

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    Official: Toyota teams with FirstElement Fuel on 19 hydrogen stations in California

    Cross Toyota with a former General Motors and Hyundai executive and you might just get some real momentum when it comes to hydrogen refueling station deployment. Toyota and FirstElement Fuel Inc., which is headed by ex-GM and Hyundai executive Joel Ewanick, are working together on a project ...

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    Official: Honda installs 3-minute, fast-fuelling hydrogen fuel station in California

    OK, but let's see how well Honda can control hydrogen refueling temperature in Houston or Buffalo. That's what some pessimists may be saying now that the Japanese automaker has installed a fast-fueling hydrogen station in the oh-so-temperate environs of Torrance, CA. That city is about 20 miles ...

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    Official: Germany will have 50 hydrogen stations by 2015

    That the German automakers are not at the forefront of plug-in vehicle technology should not be a surprise to anyone. This doesn't mean that they're not participating with plug-ins – they are – just that they are more interested in alternative fuels like wasserstoff (hydrogen). Thus ...

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    Official: Feds spending up to $2 million on hydrogen-station study

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will provide as much as $2 million towards a study of hydrogen refueling stations in an effort to collect more data on the use and effectiveness of such fueling cars with H2. The study will be used to figure out what kind of components may be developed to ...

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    Even without H2 cars, Honda opens UK's first public-access hydrogen station

    UK drivers wishing to skip battery electric vehicles while maintaining "zero-emissions" motoring now have a new alternative since Honda has opened the UK's first public-access hydrogen refueling station. Ironically, no automakers offer a fuel cell vehicle in the UK, not even Honda. At the ...

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    Toyota announces opening of U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station

    Yesterday, Toyota Motor Sales celebrated the grand opening of the U.S.' only pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station. The station, a collaborative effort between Toyota, Air Products, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Department of Energy, is located adjacent to Toyota's ...

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    SunHydro opens public-use hydrogen refueling station in Connecticut

    Late last week, startup firm SunHydro opened what it claims is the nation's first public-use hydrogen refueling station. We suspect that SunHydro's play on words allows it claim that this station, unlike the roughly 70 other H2 stations nationwide, is somehow different and thus justifies its ...

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    Report: SunHydro plans East Coast hydrogen highway

    Hydrogen vehicles hold out a future hope where our cars, trucks and motorcycles won't be emitting harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from their tailpipes (and yes, we know generating the hydrogen fuel will mean emissions from other sources). But before any of us can trade in our fossil fuel-burner ...

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    Nissan helps kick off UK-Hynet Project, Britain's new hydrogen infrastructure network

    A new project to create a nationwide Hydrogen fueling infrastructure in Great Britain had its kickoff meeting at Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) in Bedfordshire. The project is called UK-HyNet and aims to create a complete infrastructure to support the hydrogen economy by 2015. According to ...

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    Hydrogen Road Tour: How can H2 cars can go 1,700 miles? Use a tanker truck

    The Hydrogen Road Tour is scheduled to roll into the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 here in Vancouver tomorrow after 1,700 miles and nine days on the road. But, with the range of even the best hydrogen vehicles in the hundreds of miles and H2 stations not exactly around every corner, we were curious ...

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    First Czech hydrogen station to open in the fall

    cutaway of liquid hydrogen storage tank
    The first hydrogen filling station in the Czech Republic will open this fall in Prague. The liquid hydrogen station will be installed by Linde Gas. Linde is a partner with BMW on its hydrogen programs with the Hydrogen7, which can run on liquid rather than ...


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