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hydrogen stations

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    Chicago: Toyota's Bob Carter says far fewer stations needed in shift from gas to hydrogen

    Toyota's Bob Carter has been talking about green cars for years, but it's only been recently that his comments have really caught widespread attention thanks to his disparaging remarks about electric vehicle supporters like Elon Musk and Carlos Ghosn and optimism about hydrogen. Speaking at the ...

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    Opinion: Analyst looks at electric vehicles and fuel cells, predicts EVs will win

    Despite the fact that they are both zero-emission vehicle technologies that can be powered by renewable energy, there's no question that advocates of plug-in electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are sometimes at odds with each other. So, it's nice when we get a somewhat neutral ...

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    SunHydro opens public-use hydrogen refueling station in Connecticut

    Late last week, startup firm SunHydro opened what it claims is the nation's first public-use hydrogen refueling station. We suspect that SunHydro's play on words allows it claim that this station, unlike the roughly 70 other H2 stations nationwide, is somehow different and thus justifies its ...

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    Report: SunHydro plans East Coast hydrogen highway

    Hydrogen vehicles hold out a future hope where our cars, trucks and motorcycles won't be emitting harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from their tailpipes (and yes, we know generating the hydrogen fuel will mean emissions from other sources). But before any of us can trade in our fossil fuel-burner ...

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    Hydrogen Road Tour: How can H2 cars can go 1,700 miles? Use a tanker truck

    The Hydrogen Road Tour is scheduled to roll into the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 here in Vancouver tomorrow after 1,700 miles and nine days on the road. But, with the range of even the best hydrogen vehicles in the hundreds of miles and H2 stations not exactly around every corner, we were curious ...

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    Shell installs a hydrogen fuel station in White Plains

    Shell Hydrogen LLC and the City of White Plains, New York, have installed a hydrogen vehicle fueling station in the city's department of public works. The nice part of this station is that it generates hydrogen with electricity obtained from renewable sources. Production of hydrogen is expected ...


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