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    BMW updates free "H2 - Mobility of the Future" documents

    BMW certainly hasn't been shy in promoting its hydrogen-powered vehicles, and that promotion extends into some classrooms. As part of its education/promotion campaign, BMW has issued a document called H2 - Mobility of the Future, and yesterday provided an updated version of the package on this ...

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    Ford expands fuel cell test fleet tests by two years

    We've been following the Ford fuel cell fleet for two years now, and have done our own in-depth test drive of the hydrogen-powered Focus. Ford has been keeping a detailed record of their own experience with these advanced powertrain vehicles and likes what it sees. The company announced today that ...

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    Daimler fuel cell buses turn over 2 millionth kilometer

    Daimler's 36 hydrogen fuel cell buses, including some that were used in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and since then used as public transportation vehicles in Berlin, have now driven more than two million kilometers (about 1.24m miles) in daily driving. 30 buses were in Europe and there were three ...

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    SAE Congress '08: the problems of fuel cell commercialization

    There was a panel discussion at this week's SAE Congress that I couldn't pass up. Titled "Fuel Cell Vehicle Panel: Challenges Remaining for Commercialization," the session was a bit of a brainstorm on just how we might one day drive hydrogen-fueled cars with some of the people who are working quite ...

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    Dieter Zetsche sees fuel cells on our roads in 5-8 years

    GM isn't the only one ready for a lot of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Daimler chairman Dieter "Dr. Z" Zetsche believes that the technology for fuel cell vehicles is here today and that vehicles using the hydrogen-for-energy system will be available in five to eight years time. Zetsche also believes ...

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    California Dreaming? GM says 2014 will see 1,000 hydrogen cars in CA

    As we wrote on April Fool's Day (but wasn't a joke), GM's vice president for research & development and planning, Larry Burns, delivered a speech at the National Hydrogen Association conference highlighting his GM's bullish stance on hydrogen cars. Reuters spoke to Burns about his speech and ...

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    Ohio-based Crown get $1m for hydrogen fuel cell research

    When we hear the words "hydrogen highway," we can't help but think about the California initiative to build hydrogen fueling stations in that state. Crown Equipment Corporation, based in New Bremen, Ohio, has announced that the "Hydrogen Highway Leads to New Bremen." The reason is a $1m state grant ...

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    Drive a hydrogen car for free in Sacramento tomorrow

    Any future version of the "hydrogen economy," if such a thing ever exists at all, will require massive amounts of technology which has either not yet been invented or needs much more refinement. If you are interested in knowing more about these upcoming technologies, including hydrogen-powered ...

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    Brrrr. Mercedes testing fuel cells in Swedish winter

    click photo to enlargeTesting fuel cell vehicles is all the rage these days, and Mercedes isn't missing out on the action. The latest hydrogen vehicle tests from the three-pointed star company took place in wintery Sweden. Wouldn't want to coddle a car or anything. Daimler recently took a B-Class ...

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    GM offers more insight into their view of hydrogen

    Like Toyota, General Motors has offered some additional information into their viewpoint regarding hydrogen and fuel cells. As we recently reported, Toyota's Irv Miller called out The Wall Street Journal for bad reporting practices when they quoted Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe as suggesting ...

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    GM at the Oscars: fuel cell, E85 and hybrid fleet for Hollywood hotties

    Now that the writer's strike is over, we can worry about the details of the 80th Annual Academy Awards (the Oscars) instead of whether or not they'll take place at all. GM released a statement today (available after the jump) saying they'd ferry celebs around the awards show and parties in a fleet ...

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    Detroit 2008: Chrysler ecoVoyager fuel cell RE-EV concept

    Click the ecoVoyager to see the whole vehicle in high-resFor nearly two decades some of the most anticipated new concept vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show every January are those from Chrysler. Past concepts have included the likes of the original Dodge Viper, the Chrysler Crossfire, the Dodge ...

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    Japan fills the most fuel cell patent applications

    The Japanese are taking fuel cells very seriously and here's a figure that confirms this: two out of three fuel cell patent applications from 1998 to 2004 were made by Japanese companies (total patents were 32,209). Compared to the US and Europe, Japan filed 2.5 times more patents than the US and ...


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