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    Exclusive: Hypermiling a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to 38.1 mpg
    But That's Nothing Compared To The 1,899 MPG Our Friends Got 1399662240

    You never quite know what Wayne Gerdes has up his sleeve. The man who coined the term hypermiling is always looking for adventurous ways to prove that anyone – even you... yes, you – can eke out more miles per gallon just by changing the way you drive. Saying that is easy. Proving it ...

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    Featured: Shell Eco-marathon

    An Oil Company Spends Big To Teach Students To Use Less The Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 is over, the winners declared. Thousands of excited students came to Houston last weekend with 140 cars and the winning team managed to get upwards of 3,580 miles per gallon. Now that the cars have been ...

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    Official: Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 winners wring 3,587 miles from one measly gallon

    On a sunny, at times windy weekend in downtown Houston, TX, 131 vehicles competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013, racing round and round Discovery Green for two full days. All told, they used like a gallon of gasoline. The headline winner rocked 3,587 miles per gallon, which was the ...

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    University of Michigan hopes to set new 3,300-mpg record in SAE Challenge [w/video]

    The University of Michigan has had one of the preeminent solar car teams in the world for more than two decades, but a new group of students is looking to make its own mark in the world of green engineering. The school will be fielding its first entry in the annual SAE Supermileage competition ...

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    Official: High-mpg Taylors drive a Volkswagen Passat 1,626 miles on one tank of fuel

    Watch out, Wayne Gerdes, there's a new hypermiling crew in town. John and Helen Taylor – Volkswagen calls them "mileage experts" and "the world's most fuel efficient couple" – recently drove a stock 2012 Passat TDI SE all the way from Houston, TX to Sterling, VA without refueling. ...

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    Study: SmartDrive shows commercial truck drivers they can reduce fuel consumption by 22%

    Anyone can benefit by using eco-driving techniques, even long-haul truckers, who can reduce their rig's fuel consumption substantially with a lighter touch. That's the conclusion of SmartDrive Systems' new Commercial Transportation Fuel Efficiency Study. Commercial fleets can cut fuel ...

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    Wayne Gerdes hypermiles 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid to Guinness record with 64.55 mpg

    Hypermiler extraordinaire Wayne Gerdes and his colleague Chris Bernius have set a new Guinness World Record for the lowest fuel consumption in a gasoline hybrid vehicle while driving through the 48 adjoining U.S. states. At over 64 miles per gallon, Gerdes, Bernius and the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid ...

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    Wayne Gerdes starts hypermiling mpg record attempt in Kia Optima Hybrid

    Hypermiling extraordinaire Wayne Gerdes, along with colleague Chris Bernius (both friends of the site), are heading out on a big journey today. The two will leave from Kia Motors' manufacturing facility in West Point, GA on a trip through 48 states in a clockwise direction, finishing in South ...

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    Report: 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco gets 64.4 mpg in 48-state, 9,564-mile drive

    The Australian hypermiling duo of John and Helen Taylor have accomplished their goal of breaking the existing record for fuel economy achieved in a gasoline-fed production vehicle during a drive that touched some slice (defined here as at least 30 miles) of all 48 contiguous states. Arriving in ...

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    DOE awards UC Riverside $1.2 million for eco-driving research project

    Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have received a $1.2 million grant from the Department of Energy to evaluate technologies that provide drivers with feedback so they can cut emissions and reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 percent. The three-year project aims to develop a ...

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    Australian couple trying for 2,000 miles on one tank in Chevy Cruze Eco

    With a featherweight foot and good hypermiling technique, you may be able to milk a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid for 1,000 miles on one tank. You might also squeeze 1,200 miles from a single fill-up on a Toyota Prius. And you may be able to get over 1,400 miles out of one tank of gas on a Ford Fusion ...

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    UK Black Cabs will hypermile with "spring-o-meters" and "bleepers"

    The UK's Black Cab is truly iconic. Though typically painted black, some of the UK's symbolic cabs have taken on a shade of green. Not literally, but figuratively. A handful of London's "cabbies" are set to have "spring-o-meters, guest books and bleepers" to encourage drivers to save fuel. The ...

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    Pioneer introduces satellite navigation aimed at hypermilers

    Pioneer's latest satellite navigation system, the AVIC-ZHO9-MEV, is designed specifically for hypermiling plug-in vehicle owners looking to extract every last bit of range out of their electrified rides. The AVIC-ZHO9-MEV is a device that estimates your vehicle's remaining battery charge and ...

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    Ride along as CleanMPG teaches us how to hypermile a Ford F-150 EcoBoost

    Who Says A Huge Truck Can't Get 30+ MPG? The first time he suggested it, I hesitated. After all, I'd never tried to drive a vehicle at 45 miles per hour with the engine completely off. But here I was, cresting a long hill on a highway somewhere in Oklahoma and Wayne Gerdes was saying in a ...

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    Wayne Gerdes: After 2,269 miles and 59 mpg, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid "kicks ass"

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Cross Country Blue Drive – Click above for image gallery
    Last fall, hypermiler Wayne Gerdes proposed to Hyundai that he drive a 2011 Sonata Hybrid across the country to help the automaker get the vehicle from the media launch location in California to Ann Arbor, ...

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    Hypermiling Hyundai Sonata Hybrid crosses America in under two tanks [w/video] *UPDATE

    2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Cross Country Blue Drive – Click above for image gallery
    You've got to hand it to Wayne Gerdes. He knows how to go the distance in production passenger cars on very little gasoline. In April of 2009, he worked with a team to go 1,445 miles in a Ford Fusion Hybrid ...

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    2011 Hyundai Sonata: 1,065 miles on 16.07 gallons = 66.285 mpg!

    When we recently reported that hyper-miler Wayne Gerdes was going to attempt to drive 1,000 miles on one tank of gasoline in a new 2011 Hyundai Sonata, we were unaware that the drive had actually already occurred. Gerdes and a traveling companion set out from Milwaukee, WI and made it to ...

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    Wayne Gerdes to attempt 1,000-mile drive on one tank of fuel in 2011 Hyundai Sonata

    2011 Hyundai Sonata – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2011 Hyundai Sonata is already one of the most fuel efficient mid-sized sedans on the market even before the hybrid version arrives this fall. With an EPA highway mileage rating of 35 miles per gallon, the Sonata caught the ...

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    BMW 320d goes over 1,000 miles on one tank of fuel

    BMW 320d EfficientDynamics – Click above for high-res image gallery
    British auto journalist Tom Ford recently decided to test BMW's claim that its new 320d EfficientDynamics model could achieve 1,000 miles on one tank of diesel fuel. While the EfficientDynamics is the most efficient version ...

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    2,487.5 mpg! Catchy headline unneccessary

    For the second year in a row, the student team from Laval University in Quebec, Canada took home the $5,000 top prize in a worst-to-first finish at the Shell Eco-marathon Americas. In case you missed the headline, their winning entry in the "Prototype" category returned 2,487.5 miles per gallon. ...


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