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i ventures

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    Official: BMW i Ventures invests in mobile app company Life360

    BMW i Ventures is investing an undisclosed amount in Life360, a tech company that specializes in creating apps that make it easier for family members to track each other down. When the i3 and i8 plug-in electric vehicles debut over the next couple years, the cars could play a role in connecting ...

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    Official: BMW i ventures invests in Coulomb; ChargePoint 4.0 coming soon

    Like patrons at the end of a long night, automakers and charging companies can sometimes be seen leaving the bar arm in arm. Coda with Mr. Electric. Holden with Better Place. Nissan with GE. Smart USA with Coulomb. Toyota with Leviton. BMW with AeroVironment. But this is a vibrant scene, and ...

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    BMW i Ventures sets up headquarters in NYC

    BMW is making some progress on the launch of its i Ventures spin-off. The company has named BMW financial services chief executive officer Edward Robinson as its president and announced plans to open a global headquarters "incubator laboratory" in New York City. Established in February of 2011, ...


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