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    Official: AAA finds stop-start could save you $179 a year

    That silence you hear? It's a month's worth of payments on the family car-insurance plan not being spent on an idling engine. That's one way to look at new numbers out from the AAA that say stop-start engine technology will save drivers a solid chunk of change in the form of lower refueling ...

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    Official: Chevrolet supports IdleAir to curb emissions from big trucks at rest

    Chevrolet is ready to introduce the coolest thing to happen to big-rig trucking since the days of "Convoy" and "BJ and the Bear." The General Motors division is pitching a product called IdleAir, a system that the automaker says can let truckers maintain enough rest-stop power to run a ...

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    Want to idle your big truck in California? You'll need a sticker

    Want to idle that diesel engine in your 2008 or newer medium-duty truck in California for more than five minutes? You'll need a sticker for that. Way back in 2008, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) decided to make it illegal to idle diesel-engined trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating ...

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    Getting zero mpg (i.e., idling) could cost drivers £20 in North Lincolnshire, UK

    Local governments in the UK are certainly pro-active when it comes to cracking down on CO2. In 2008, the West Sussex Council in the UK considered leveling £20 fines against drivers who sit in traffic jams with their engines running. There's an environmentally-sound reason to turn off your ...

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    Idling vs. shutting the engine down: how many seconds make a difference?

    It's easy to calculate that a car with the engine running but not moving is getting zero mpg. New technologies allow some cars to take control of the on/off switch from the driver when stopped. Whatever their name - stop-start, micro hybrid - automatic systems that shut down a vehicle's engine when ...

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    Will drivers get fined for sitting in traffic jams with the engine on?

    Photo by 91RS. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Ouch. In an effort to clean up the air, the West Sussex Council in the UK is considering new rules that would penalize drivers who sit in traffic jams with their engines running. Police could issue £20 fines once the driver has been ...

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    DEP wants Pennsylvania's diesel idling legislation toughened-up

    Right now, each state in the U.S. has its own laws regarding diesel engine idling, and legislation can vary greatly from state-to-state. Pennsylvania is considering creating new standards and Senate Bill 295 is currently being discussed by the House. The Department of Environmental Protection has ...

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    LEaP website launches with new viral video

    Webasto has made a business of developing and offering technologies which make big-rig idling much less of a necessity. They like to point out that their wares offer a "win-win" scenario in that they save "green-green": the environment and money. To help get this point across, they created a ...

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    9 year old girl's $140,000 anti-idling ad campaign

    Anna Talman, 9, noticed it was hard to breathe when cars are idling. "I saw a car idling and thought it would be a problem because it was making it hard for me to breathe" she says. So she did what any other 9 year old would do. Move? No. She started a group, Edmonton's Children-Organized ...

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    Care to try making your car a "Homemade Hybrid" with the ten second rule?

    Kristin, a contributor to has done a bit of research online, as well as some real-world testing to come up with what she is calling the "Homemade Hybrid" ten second rule. The idea is to shut your car off and restart it manually whenever you stop for a stop light where you expect to be ...


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