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    Recharge Wrap-up: Toyota FCV wears silver, Foxconn's $15K EV, solar power at GM
    And Who Wants To Go On An EV Road Trip Across Illinois? 1404151080

    The Toyota FCV made its North American debut at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival, and this time it's not sporting its usual blue sheet metal. This silver paint job shows a bit more contrast. Certain features stand out a bit more, especially the black strip that wraps around the grille and down the ...

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    Report: Innova Dash NEV offers 90 miles of 35-mph cruising for $13,000

    The latest in the charging-range-per-dollar market offering? Try $3,000 for about 45 miles. Sadly, it's the second 45 miles. That's the ratio that is being offered by Illinois-based Innova, the most recent entrant in the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market, the Los Angeles Times reports. ...

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    Report: L1 Power Post offers low-cost Level 1 charging for EVs

    One Illinois-based company is taking the "slow and steady wins the race" approach to public plug-in vehicle chargers. Telefonix, which has specialized in making retractable cord reels largely used in the aviation industry, is looking to drum up interest in its L1 Power Post, which is what the ...

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    Official: Mitsubishi i available for just $69 a month in this outrageous lease

    O'Brien Mitsubishi, based in Normal, IL, is offering something way outside the norm: an absurdly low lease price – the cheapest we've ever seen – for on an electric vehicle. AutoblogGreen reader Josh K. could hardly believe what he saw when driving by a rotating banner advertising ...

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    Official: DOE's new Energy Storage Hub a "Manhattan Project" for better batteries

    This could be big. The US Department of Energy has announced a five-year, $120-million award for a team of 14 companies, universities and national laboratories led by Argonne National Laboratory that will be charged with creating next-generation batteries for use in vehicles and the grid. In ...

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    Video: 2012 Mitsubishi i electric vehicle is totally Normal in Illinois

    It's all normal in Normal, Illinois. That's the gist of Mitsubishi's latest commercial pitching its upcoming 2012 i electric vehicle. First up, here's a Normal, IL primer: Normal is an incorporated town with a population of roughly 52,000. Normal is the seventh-most populous community in ...

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    Chicago inching closer to freeway congestion charges?

    Chicago ranks number three on the list of cities with the worst traffic. Following a study by the Municipal Planning Council and the Illinois Tollway, one suggested way to remedy the issue is the introduction of congestion pricing on Chicago-area toll roads. This isn't the flat-fee congestion ...

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    Illinois, Colorado put money into plug-in infrastructure

    Converted plug-in Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    While there is no coherent national plug-in vehicle legislation aside from the PHEV tax credit bill, some states are moving forward with their own proposals to encourage more vehicles with plugs. Both Colorado and Illinois recently ...

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    Illinois will get eco-friendly BMW-MINI dealership

    Preparing for the next-generation of auto dealerships, the Bill Jacobs BMW/MINI shop will break ground September 12 in Naperville, IL. The dealer's website features a countdown timer and a whole heap of information about how Bill Jacobs' crew hopes to make the building a way to "discuss the ...

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    Holy pipeline, Batman: Midwest-to-East-Coast route a possibility

    There has been talk of a continental U.S. ethanol pipeline before. Back in 2006, Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) proposed legislation on the issue, but it didn't get very far. The idea didn't die, though. This past week, Magellan Midstream Partners and Buckeye Partners announced ...

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    Ford delivers more flex-fuel Escape hybrids to Illinois

    Ford turned over five of the twenty experimental flex-fuel Escape Hybrids they have built to the State of Illinois and the Illinois Corn Growers at the Farm Progress show in Decatur yesterday. Two more of the E85-capable hybrid crossovers will go Commonwealth Edison for use in their fleet. The ...


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