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    Official: BlueCar car-sharing affiliate will debut in Indianapolis early next year

    Start your engines. Quietly. France's Bollore Group is putting a green spin on Indianapolis's motor-racing tradition by making official its planned debut of its all-electric car-sharing service in the US. It will be called, naturally, BlueIndy. Bollore, which is headed by French billionaire ...

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    Report: 849-mpg Mater Dei high school ecocar wins DIY prize from AutoZone

    When you build a car that can go from San Francisco to Seattle on a single gallon of gas with a few drops to spare, you're going to get some attention, even if you're from a high school in Indiana. Mater Dei High School in the town of Evansville won AutoZone's "Show It Off" contest for building ...

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    Report: French car-sharing service Autolib will make US debut in Indianapolis

    Green car enthusiasts may have assumed that French electric car-sharing service Autolib would show up stateside in a city like San Francisco, Austin or Portland, but notoriously green Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard had other ideas. Led by Ballard, the racing city reached an agreement for ...

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    Report: Indianapolis-area mall offers free charging at new "plug-in ecosystem"

    Indianapolis-area plug-in vehicle owners looking to burn a bunch of dollars at the local mall can at least save a few by plugging into a solar-powered station at the Clay Terrace mall in Carmel, the New York Times reports. The Simon Property Group-owned center last week deployed what it calls ...

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    Official: EnerDel still in battery business, now working with Purdue on li-ion research

    You can't say EnerDel isn't still giving it the old college try. In this case, the Indianapolis-based company is making its presence felt at Purdue University, about 65 miles away. EnerDel is giving the university's College of Technology a collection of lithium-ion battery cells and research ...

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    Official: Honda adding Civic Hybrid production to Indiana plant; part of overall increase

    Honda is anticipating needing some more Civics to sell, and so it is increasing production capacity for both the standard 2012 Civic and the Civic Hybrid at its plant in Indiana, the one where it currently also builds the Acura ILX Hybrid and the Civic Natural Gas. Honda Manufacturing of Indiana ...

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    Report: Donated Think EVs idled because of improper recharging?

    "So about those free cars you donated to us..." The city government of Evansville, IN, which was given five all-electric City cars by now-bankrupt electric-vehicle maker Think USA, says that only one is functional because the other four vehicles' computer memories were erased because of improper ...

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    Official: America's RV capitol rebounds but number of Think EV workers drops to just two

    Remember when the U.S. capital of RV production, Elkhart, IN was going to escape the doldrums that the decline of the motor home industry brought on by shifting over to building electric cars? Not so fast. As NPR reports, rising demand for RVs has helped boost employment in Elkhart, IN, while the ...

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    Official: Studebaker chief pitches hybrid technology, odd model name for resurgence

    For someone looking to resuscitate a car company that last produced vehicles during the Johnson Administration, R.W. Reed, CEO of the long-defunct Studebaker Motor Co. sure picked an odd model name for the effort to be taken seriously. But at least he's shooting for the latest ...

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    Official: Bright Automotive says it's ready to heed Obama's call for more jobs, just needs its loan approved

    Bright Automotive Chief Operating Officer Mike Donoughe invoked President Barack Obama's recent call for U.S. companies to create American jobs while developing alternative energy sources for transportation by requesting that Congress speed up the company's federal loan process. The company, which ...

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    EnerDel shows off battery production facility, plans for $237 million expansion

    EnerDel's Fisher, IN facility – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Enerdel's announcement of a big investment to make more lithium-ion batteries in Indiana – $237 million for the company's third site in the state – gave Governor Mitch Daniels a chance to explain how his ...

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    Breaking: Enerdel to invest $237 million in Indiana lithium ion plant

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels at Enerdel Press Conference
    Expect more information in very short order as our fearless leader is currently in Indiana to cover this very announcement as you read this, but here's a short overview to whet your appetites. Enerdel has announced today it will invest ...

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    Electric Motors Corp wants to build truck hybrid systems in Indiana

    California based Electric Motors Corporation (EMC) is pitching for some funding from the DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program so that it can set up a new factory in Elkhart County, Indiana. EMC is partnering with RV maker Gulf Stream Coach on the project and plans to ...

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    Meet Bright Automotive, Indiana's answer to the high-mpg question

    The Rocky Mountain Institute has been working for ages, it seems, to perfect the ideas behind a hyper-efficient vehicle (see here). A year ago, people working at RMI joined up with others in the green car space to form Bright Automotive. The group believes, "the best way to reinvigorate the ...

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    Will Indianapolis or San Francisco be the electric car capital of the US?

    Photo of downtown Indianapolis by Serge Melki. Licensed under CC license 2.0.
    Silicon Valley wants to be the new Detroit. Meanwhile, Indianapolis wants to be the new Silicon Valley. That seems to be the gist of opposing reports, in the Indianapolis Star and the National Post, on the electric car ...

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    In Indiana E85 station subsidies can go to government too!

    Indiana may soon get a whole bunch of new E85 outlets, or not. At least station owners inclined to sell E85 will be able to get a helping hand from the state government thanks to newly-passed legislation. The state has set aside $1 million that will be available to filling stations of the retail ...

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    Three steps forward, one step back - BP can dump more waste into Lake Michigan

    British Petroleum (now known as simply BP) has found a way to dodge around a Great Lakes anti-pollution law. The law, written in 1970, set a limit on the amount of waste sludge and ammonia that could be dumped into Lake Michigan, as the level of pollution in the lake was getting way out of hand. A ...

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    'Hoosiers Homegrown' includes more flex fuel, ethanol vehicles, coal

    Continuing our post on Indiana's energy policy, state governor Mitch Daniels announced his plans to the media last week. Calling it the "Hoosiers Homegrown" energy policy, his plans include the purchase of more alternative fuel vehicles by government agencies as well as ways to power such agencies ...

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    Indiana Republicans propose Biofuels Grant Program

    This week, Indiana Republicans called for further incentives in the state to promote alternative fuels such as ethanol. House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, with the support of the GOP, proposed the following: Biofuels Grant Program to further encourage fuel stations and such retailers ...

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    Chevron may get into ethanol production business

    With the price of ethanol more than doubling in the past year, it's time for the big energy players to get into the game. The LA Times has a story out today about Chevron Corp. thinking about building plants and making its own ethanol in order to "guarantee steady supplies of the gasoline additive ...


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