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    Report: Bosch will install wireless charging stations for $3k a pop for Leaf, Volt owners

    Germany-based Bosch will install wireless charging stations at the homes of Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt drivers for about $3,000 each, implying that a wireless system is worth about $2,500 in convenience compared to cord systems, Plug In Cars says. Bosch Automotive Service's installation of ...

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    Official: Spanish collaboration tests wireless fast-charging system [w/video]

    Earlier this month, a Spanish collaboration involving the country's largest utility company tested what it says is the first wireless fast-charging system for electric vehicles of its kind. Utility giant Endesa is working with Fundacion Circe, which is based in Zaragoza (about 200 miles ...

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    Official: Raleigh, NC becomes first US city to adopt wireless EV charging project

    North Carolina's Research Triangle may be one of the most "wired" places in the US when it comes to technological advancements, but why stop there? To take the lead in electric-drive vehicle adoption, go wireless. Raleigh, NC has become the first US municipality to join the Apollo Program, which ...

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    Korean electric car gets a charge - an induction charge - from the road

    Using solar roads for power generation is an idea that is being tested by the U.S. DOE. Over in Korea, tests involving a road giving up some power are underway. Instead of sucking up sunlight, the prototype roads send energy upwards to small electric vehicles through touchless magnetic induction ...

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    REPORT: Nissan bringing wireless charging to electric cars

    Nissan Pivo 2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Upper-level Nissan executives like Minoru Shinohara (pictured above right with the Pivo 2 concept), the senior vice president of the technology development department, have talked about wireless charging for Nissan's upcoming electric ...

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    Oshkosk Using Copper Motor Rotor Technology For Military

    Oshkosh is using motors with die-cast copper rotors in its ProPulse series hybrid drive system, which is used in the Army's heavy cargo-hauling HEMTT (Heavy Expandable Mobility Technical Truck). Motors using this technology cost less to manufacture, last longer, operate more efficiently, and save ...

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    Raser to show off a new electric motor at EVS-22

    In all the progress and developments we've seen on with hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells, it's a bit strange how little we've reported on the advancement of electric motors. That's something that Raser is definitely looking to change. At the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (October 22 to 28) ...


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