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    Official: Sandia finds hydrogen easier to store, sell than we thought

    Setting up a safe and convenient hydrogen infrastructure might not be as difficult as many thought, according to a study by Sandia National Laboratories. In fact, many existing gas stations offer a suitable footprint to store and dispense gaseous hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. The Sandia study ...

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    Official: EVs, hybrids finding a home in Scottish Car Clubs

    Car clubs in Scotland are getting some electric love from their government. The UK is putting £1,000,000 ($1.7 million US) of new funding toward electric vehicles, specifically encouraging the clean growth of car clubs Scotland. Those funds are expected to provide as many as 30 additional ...

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    Report: Japan's government gives hydrogen vehicles a big boost

    The Japanese government is really paving the way for hydrogen fuel cell technology on its roads. Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry is changing regulations on fuel tanks to make hydrogen cars more appealing to drivers, which should help put the country ahead of others in the race to ...

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    HyFive hydrogen infrastructure gets $51M boost across Europe

    "High five!" was one of the catch-phrases of Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh comedic alter ego Borat. A real-world HyFive is being announced by a power broker named Boris. And this is serious business. London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced a program called HyFive, which will see automakers and ...

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    Report: Ghosn says he may have been a little off on 2016 EV goal

    Don't blame us, blame the infrastructure. That's what Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn essentially said when he explained why his two companies will miss their 2016 goal of having cumulatively sold 1.5 million electric vehicles, the Detroit Bureau reports, citing an interview Ghosn ...

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    Report: UK Transport Minister says just be patient with EV sales, infrastructure

    It is apparently quite difficult to remember that good things come to those who wait. With electric vehicles – which some of us think are good things – the time between introduction and installation of charging infrastructure and mass deployment will, well, it'll take a while. And UK ...

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    Report: Japan sets up hydrogen 'task force' to advance fuel-cell infrastructure

    We're not sure how "hydrogen superhighway" translates in Japanese, but it looks like Japan is looking to promote the kind of public-private partnership to accelerate hydrogen-refueling infrastructure that the US government has espoused at various times, Hydrogen Fuel News reports. Japan will set ...

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    Official: Honda joins H2USA to ready infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles

    Honda has joined up with industry colleagues and become a member of the H2USA partnership dedicated to the development and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The US Department of Energy program was started up last month and includes Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, Nissan and other ...

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    Official: California might have 70 hydrogen fuel stations by 2016

    In what some would consider an "If You Build It, They Will Come" scenario straight out of "Field of Dreams," California proponents of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCEVs) adoption say the Golden State may expand its hydrogen refueling station count more than eightfold during the next three years, ...

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    Of all places, Texas taking a leading role in EV charging infrastructure

    When discussions of electric vehicle charging infrastructures come up, the west coast is often the focus, since California is the obvious EV leader. But what about Texas? While pickup trucks, longhorns and the ability to drive 85 miles per hour may come to mind first, there's been a lot going on ...

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    Official: First DC quick charger added to ChargePoint network

    The ChargePoint national network has gotten its very first DC quick charger. A Fuji Electric fast charger is now available on ChargePoint at the Residence Inn by Marriott in San Juan Capistrano, CA. It's owned and operated by EV-integrator Evoasis and is open to the public at the hotel located ...

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    Study: 4.1 million electric vehicle charging stations in five years? What?! *UPDATE

    Frost & Sullivan has released a report stating that 4.1 million electric vehicle charging points will be in place in North America by 2017. The most common ones, 71 percent will be Level 1 charging stations for home charging, followed by level 2, which will account for 27 percent of the ...

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    Study: Cars are bad for climate change, which is in turn bad for roads

    Here's an angle to the climate change debate we hadn't thought of: it's destroying our roads. According to a new report by the Transportation Research Board, the problem is that the cars contribute to climate change by adding their fossil fuel emissions to the atmosphere, and the man-made ...

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    Official: Nissan will expand Leaf dealer network in Europe tenfold this year

    Nissan will increase the number of European car dealers carrying Leaf electric vehicles tenfold – to 1,000 – by the end of the year and will sell the car in two dozen European markets by 2013, all part of the Japanese automaker's plan to boost Leaf sales overseas. Nissan, which ...

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    Northeast electric vehicle charging network coming to 11 states

    At the moment, the Northeast is not exactly a hotbed for electric vehicle use in the United States. With chilly winters making consumers nervous about battery range and dealers in some states still not even offering vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, the Northeast currently claims only about 6% of ...

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    Report: BYD says electric e6 delayed due to lack of U.S. plug-in infrastructure

    It's coming in 2010. Scratch that. How about 2011? Oh shucks, that's impossible, too. Let's shoot for 2012. BYD Auto constantly alters the U.S. launch date of the electric e6 crossover. But this latest bit of info should relieve us of reporting further delays. When BYD announced its U.S. scheme, ...

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    Mitsubishi signs electric vehicle MOU with region in Russia

    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, along with Rolf Import, MMC's exclusive Russian distributor, and the Government of Russia's Kaluga Region signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that calls for the three parties to collaborate on several projects aimed at improving the natural environment of the ...

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    Study: Energy usage attributable to electric vehicles could rise 1,700% by 2020

    Energy usage attributable to electric vehicles could soar 1,700 percent by 2020, according to a report authored by utility consulting firm The Shpigler Group and released by the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC), the so-called "voice of critical infrastructure communications." Annual megawatt-hour ...

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    Obama's infrastructure plan could offer real reform while providing better transportation options

    President Obama announces $50b infrastructure plan – Click above to watch video
    Last week, President Obama announced a new plan to spend $50 billion on updating America's infrastructure. That plan included promises of 150,000 miles of rebuilt roads, 4,000 miles of new train tracks and 150 ...

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    Obama announces $50b plan to build the "best infrastructure in the world"

    President Obama announces $50b infrastructure plan – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Yesterday, as part of his speech marking Labor Day, President Obama said the following:
    So, that's why, Milwaukee, today, I am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing America's ...


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